BlogPoll Week 4: How We Voted

The third weekend of college football is over, and it was another wild one.  LSU came to Starkville and won a physical game Thursday night, Oklahoma won a matchup of top 10 teams in Tallahassee, and TSUN took one on the chin in Nashville.  I'll go ahead and tell you before you decide to look at our ballot, I voted Vandy in at 25 not only because they throttled our rivals but they are playing great so far this year. 

Ballot and explanations after the jump.



LSU: After watching Thursday's game there is no doubt in my mind this is the best defense in the country.  Maybe the best defense I've seen in the last couple of years.  The question for this team the rest of the way out will be how much can they get out of this offense?  Big tests loom in the near future, starting in Morgantown this weekend.

Oklahoma: Wow what a performance Saturday night by the Sooners.  At this point the only thing I think that can stop the Sooners is themselves.  That is, of course, until they meet which SEC we place in the National Championship.

Wisconsin: What a difference a QB makes.  Coming into this season I figured this team for another solid but underwhelming Wisconsin team.  With Russell Wilson at the helm, however, this team is elevated to another level of talent and could compete for a National Championship this season, if LSU and Oklahoma aren't standing in their way.

Florida State:  Alot of people are adamant on voting the Noles down this week, but I don't think they should be punished for losing to the nations #1 team in a close game.  This team is much better than FSU teams in the past, still a ways to go though to be the Seminole teams of yester year.

West Virginia: I knew Dana Horgleson was a good offensive mind, but with Geno Smith at the helm of this offense things have gone from good to great in Morgantown.  Cupcakes out of the way now though, as LSU comes to town Saturday.  If the Mountaineers can get past the Tigers, it should be smooth sailing for West Virginia to a BCS bowl.

Georgia Tech: Yellow Jackets had 604 yards of rushing on Saturday.  That is all. WOW

Vanderbilt:  Are the Commodores a legitamite top 25 team?  Not yet.  But after whipping our rivals up and down the field saturday on the way to a blowout win, I figured the Dores deserved a vote.  At 3-0, Vandy fans have to be excited about what James Franklin is doing in Nashville.

Mississippi State: As much as I hated to do it, I had to vote us out this week.  Although I do still think we're a Top 25 team, we will have to bounce back from some tough injuries the rest of the year to get back to a New Years Day Bowl Game.

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