How the Bama Game will unfold (with bonus Twitter reaction)

Bulldogs vs Crimson Tide coverage

I just broke out my new Crystal Ball that I ordered from Amazon so I could get a jump start on how the State's huge clash with Bama will turn out. After a little calibrating and firmware updates, I got it tuned in to the game tonight.

Opening Quarter

State wins the coin toss and elects to defer. Devon Bell with the kick off to the two and State's special teams unit is too ampped up to stop a big return. It's brought all the way back to the State 45. Eddie Lacy then goes to work. Bama is primed to expose any weaknesses in our run defense with Lacy getting four straight carries all the way down to the State 15. McCarron then finds a wide open Kenny Bell in the end zone when Darius Slay bites on the playaction. Bama 7 State 0.

Twitter Reaction (Note: I'm not counting the characters on these. They may go over 140)

-@bmarcello: ALA 7 MSST 0 Alabama had their way with the Miss. State front 7 on that drive.

-@blocke: Slay bit on that playaction, left Bell wide open in the end zone for an easy TD pass by McCarron, 7-0 Bama.

-@matthewcstevens: State looked really bad on that opening drive. That's what I am hearing anyways. I'm at the Women's field hockey game tonight. Girls playing well.

-@bobcarskadon: Well, at least they only gave up one TD on that drive.

-@croomdiaries: Hey @bmarcello, @blocke, @matthewcstevens, @bobcarskadon, stop reminding me how bad that was.

-@cristilmethod: I'm going to go look for a ledge now.

-Any Ole Miss tweeter: Bulldogs getting their dose of medicine tonight, told ya so. #WeBelieve #7-1

Back to the game action

State gets the kickoff and Lewis is stuffed at the 15. State wants to establish the run and tries on first and second down but only gains one yard total. Russell goes back to throw but can't find anyone open and is forced to throw it away. State punts, gives Bama the ball on their own 37. McCarron hands off to Yeldon on first down and breaks a big gain to the State 23. State's defense holds up and stops Bama short of the first down on the 15. FG unit comes out, and Shelley promptly hooks it wide left. Saban commits murder on the sideline.

Twitter reaction

-@bmarcello: After looking like it was going to put another TD on the board, Bama settles for a FG and misses.

-@blocke; Missed FG is a big win for State. Bama was on the verge of breaking it open early.

-@matthewcstevens: Women's field hockey team in tight one with ULM.

-@bobcarskadon: Sandstorm!

-@croomdiaries: Lucky to get out of that still down a TD. We look like Bully's crap early.

-@cristilmethod: Found a ledge. Stepped away from it for the time being.

-Every Ole Miss tweeter: Come on Bama, put em away. They are terrible! We are so getting revenge on Mullet this year.

Back to Game Action

State is able to move the ball a little bit the rest of the half but never really threaten. Every possession ends in a punt, with the deepest State is able to get is the Bama 38. Bama has a few drives stall out in State territory as the State D seems to realize it is going to have to be at its best. Bama gets the ball back with two minutes left in the half and drives for a TD. Saban tells sideline reporter that Bama should be down three TDs and they are lucky to even be in this game. After half time, sideline reporter asks Dan Mullen what adjustments need to be made. Mullen tells the biggest thing is to give Russell time to throw and not fubar their blocking assignments. Bama 14 State 0

Twitter Reaction

-@bmarcello: Am I hearing this right? Did Mullen say fubar in the back from half interview?

-@blocke: Mullen said fubar? Nice.

-@matthewcstevens: Women's field hockey team is fubarring this big lead they had.

-@bobcarskadon: Mullen is the sideline interview innovator. #Fubar

-@croomdiaries: The only thing fubarred is our ability to get into the end zone.

-@cristilmethod: From #Brainfarts to #Fubar, this is our state.

-Every Ole Miss tweeter: Mullet is so classless, he just said Fubar on national TV.

Back to game action

The third quarter starts with a great State drive that ends in a 12 yard TD pass to Bumphis. Bama answers with a 30 yard field goal and neither team does much the rest of the quarter until Johnthan Banks gets a pick 6 to end the quarter and make it Bama 17 State 14.

Twitter reaction

-@bmarcello: State has done a great job staying in this game. They still have a shot.

-@blocke: Surprising score at end of 3Q, not sure if State has horses to finish the comeback, but we'll see.

-@matthewcstevens: State wins a fantastic field hockey game. Going to find some place to watch the FB game.

-@bobcarskadon: Getting hopeful, that could be dangerous to my mental health.

-@croomdiaries: I knew we had a chance, just don't blow this.

-@cristilmethod: This is so happening!! Trying to forget the location of that cliff.

-Every Ole Miss Tweeter: Bama is going to break it ope this quarter. State can't hang #FailState

Back to game action

Fourth quarter features a lot of back and forth of nothing. Bama forces a punt with six minutes left and starts to drive towards the end zone, and then McCarron gets hit by Denico Autry as he throws and is picked off by Banks again. He returns it to the State 45 with 2:00 left on the clock and only one timeout. Russell starts to pick apart the Bama defense and drives it down to the Bama 3 and State uses their last time out. Everyone expects a FG, but Mullen wants no part of overtime, he sends Russell and company out to try to win it. Bama is forced to take a timeout because they weren't ready for it.

Twitter reaction

-@bmarcello: Wow, Mullen trying to go for the win instead of OT. Tension is tight.

-@blocke: Mullen has all your cojones, going for the win instead of OT.

-@matthewcstevens: Mullen acting like the Fighting Illini, going for the win.

-@bobcarskadon: Wow, Mullen is really rolling the dice. We need more SANDSTORM!!!

-@croomdiaries: Mullen is awesome, no way we want any part of OT.

-@cristilmethod: Going back to my cliff, somebody let me know if I need to jump.

-Every Ole Miss Tweeter: Mullen is stupid, going to cost State a chance to win. #Mullet

Back to game action

Rusell rolls out on a boot leg and as he is getting ready to get hit, he finds an open Marcus Green in the back of the end zone. State wins 20-17!

Twitter reaction

-@bmarcello: State pulls the major upset, wins 20-17.

-@blocke: Mullen's gamble pays off. Russell to Green for the win. I salute you.

-@matthewcstevens: Good win for State. Not bad


-@croomdiaries: Best. Win. Ever.

-@cristilmethod: I just peed in my pants I'm so happy and I am not ashamed to tell anyone that!

-Every Ole Miss Tweeter: Alabama is so overrated. State still sucks. #FailState #Wintheday

There you have it folks. No need to even turn the game on. #WeBelieve 8-0.

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