FWtCT Picks the SEC - Week 12

Grant Halverson

Our guys pick SEC football games in the next to last week of the season.

The next to last week of the college football regular season is upon us friends. I swore I wouldn't cry, but as I type this, tears are rolling down my cheeks okay no they're not really but you could imagine like hypothetical tears, right?

This weekend features a lot of fluff games in the SEC, as teams take their last trots down the non-conference road before finishing up with rivals and eventually bowl games. Before we take a look at the horrible decisions we've all made picks everyone has submitted for this week, let's take a look at where the standings are currently:


As you can see, WCF still has a stranglehold on the top spot, and Braden is right behind him on his heels in second place. The rest of the pack seems to have remained mostly the same, with no one being out of championship contention. Now, let us take a look at who everyone picked for the week 12 set of games in the SEC.

  • As you can see, many of the games this weekend feature an SEC team taking on a lesser opponent, and in several cases, an FCS opponent.
  • In one of the bigger games of the SEC weekend, State takes on Arkansas, and it looks like everyone except JL is taking MSU to win on Senior Day.
  • Western Carolina vs. Alabama? You know how that story ends, and how we picked there #RIPWCarolina
  • Jacksonville State vs. Florida - another non-exciting FCS opponent game. Everyone goes Florida here, to no surprise.
  • Same here - Wofford at South Carolina. We all take South Carolina for 200, Alex.
  • MORE OF THE SAME - Georgia Southern vs. Georgia. Dawgs picks across the board.
  • Auburn vs. Alabama A&M? It's tempting to take A&M here, but alas, Auburn is picked unanimously, even if we think they still stink.
  • In one of the rare decent games this weekend, Ole Miss travels to Baton Rouge to take on LSU. This game could be closer than some think, but still, we all take LSU here.
  • Sam Houston State at Texas A&M? We'll take A&M and Johnny Football.
  • Syracuse at Missouri - Myself and C.G. are the only crazy ones of the group, as everyone else takes Missouri at home to win.
  • Tennessee at Vanderbilt - most years, this is an easy call in UT's favor, but maybe not so much this season. The group is split almost down the middle, with 5 of us taking Vanderbilt at home, and 4 of us taking UT on the road. Should be an interesting game, for sure.
  • And finally, the Samford Bulldogs head into Lexington to take on Kentucky. This game should be like watching [INSERT EXTREMELY BORING THING HERE]. Also, we all take Kentucky.

That's it for our picks, ladies and gentlemen. Who are you picking this weekend?

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