Hugh Freeze gets an early Christmas present

The morning of November 12th. It's 7:25, and Hugh Freeze is running late, dangerously close to missing the bus this morning. His mom, Beverly Nkemdiche Freeze, calls up the stairs for Hugh

HUGH! You better hurry, hun, or you are going to miss the bus, and you know what the punishment is in this house for missing the bus!

I know, I know, ma, I'm coming! It's not so gosh darn easy to RT all of these followers of mine AND get ready for school!


sighs.... yes mam, I'm sorry.

Now come on down here Hugh, I have something for you before you go to school today

/sprints downstairs, whistling win the day, win the day Yes mam, what is it that you have for me, ma?

Well, sit down over there Hugh.

/Hugh sits on couch covered in large Last Supper couch cover. Yes mam?

Well Hugh, you know things have been tight around here this year. You know we don't have a ton of excess around here, but we do try to give you everything we can, Hugh. And this year, your father Houston and I wanted to give you something special. A gift that you'd remember forever.

Hugh looks on, confused. But ma, it's not even Thanksgiving yet! Why in the gosh golly goodness are we already talking about Christmas time?

HUGH FREEZE I WILL NOT WARN YOU AGAIN YOUNG MAN WATCH YOUR FILTHY LANGUAGE! slaps Hugh in back of head, teeth rattle. Now Hugh, I know it's not even Thanksgiving yet son, but I wanted to go ahead and give you this present TODAY. You've been a good boy this year, said all of your prayers, brushed your teeth every night, and done all of your homework. points over to present in the corner. Now, why don't you hurry up and open your present over there before I change my mind.

Hugh looks in corner, sees a single red ribboned present. He sprints over, ripping the paper off quickly.


HE SCREAMS OH MAMA BEVERLY! I can't believe it! Is this what I think it is?!

It sure is baby, that's a first edition, second part of a two set Nkemdiche commitment set.

OH MA! This will go great with the first part of the set, the Denzel that you guys got me last year!

I know Hugh, and you deserve it sweetie. Like I said, you've been so good this year, and you've been winning each day, so I wanted you to have this.

OH MA! /squeezes box with commitment in it I'm gonna take the best care of this present forever! I'll take it everywhere with me! Thanks so much!

You're welcome baby, now go on and catch that bus before it's too late

Yes mam! Hugh sprints off out the door in his seer sucker pressed pants and sweater vest over a powder blue polo. He sings OH NKEMDICHE, HOW I LOVE YOU, HOW WE WILL WIN THE DAYYYYYYYY.... NKEMDICHE, HOW I CHERISH YOU, JOIN YOUR BROTHER I SAAYYYYYY.

the end

FanPosts are just that; posts created by the fans. They are in no way indicative of the opinions of SBN and the authors of For Whom the Cowbell Tolls.

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