Will Redmond Situation | Byron De'Vinner tells Yahoo! disassociated booster's name, details of improper benefits

More details emerge in Yahoo! article about improper benefits exchanged between Will Redmond's 7on7 coach and a previously unnamed (now named) former MSU booster (Photo by Butch Dill/Getty Images)

Yesterday we found out quite a bit about the Will Redmond - Angelo Mirando - Disassociated Booster situation that has been somewhat of a distraction from State's 2-0 start so far. During a regularly scheduled interview, former Nashville 7on7 coach Byron De'Vinner - who coached Redmond along with several other players currently under NCAA investigation - called into the Head to Head radio program, hoping to talk with the guys in an attempt to clear the air about what really happened, and his involvement, or lack thereof. [you can again check out the audio HERE].

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In addition to what De'Vinner told H2H yesterday, Byron spoke with Yahoo! Sports' Pat Forde, who unloaded a few more details De'Vinner disclosed about the situation. Here is a synopsis of Forde's story, which builds on what De'Vinner told H2H, and for the first time to my knowledge, discloses the previously mentioned disassociated booster's name.

  • According to Forde's talk with De'Vinner, the booster under scrutiny in the ongoing NCAA investigation is Robert Denton Herring. That's the first time we've actually heard a name associated with the situation. I bet his phone might get an extra call or two today.
  • According to Forde's sources on the story, the NCAA has interviewed nearly a dozen players who were recruited by State, most likely those who were recruited by Mirando himself.
  • De'Vinner told Forde that to his knowledge, Angelo Mirando was the only Mississippi State coach who was aware of the activities taking place between Herring and Redmond.
  • De'Vinner mentioned yesterday on H2H that he interviewed for a position at State earlier this year. This article states that that position was an assistant recruiting coordinator job.
  • De'Vinner tells Forde that Herring paid for him to stay at Old Waverly in West Point, as well as meals at Anthony's. It does not mention any details of Redmond's arrangements on that trip, only De'Vinner's.

There's a lot of additional information in the article, I encourage you to read it for yourself. In the end, I don't think any of this is new information, at least to the NCAA. My best guess is that all of this has been covered in their investigation, this is simply the first time it has seen the light of day in public.

Should we be worried about this as fans? Honestly, I still do not think so. Reading Forde's article confirms what we have been told all along: Mirando was the only MSU official with knowledge that this activity was going on. And if MSU was as up front and honest about the indiscretion as we've been told, then I think the penalties, and there will be penalties no matter what, will be much less severe than, say, if we had tried to cover it up.

What do you think about all of this?

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