Quick Update on Updated Scout Recruiting Rankings

Dan Mullen knew he had a good one when he landed Chris Jones. Now all the star gazer know, too. Mandatory Credit: Spruce Derden

The new Scout.com football rankings were updated today.

For Mississippi State, that is good news. It wasn't news that shook the earth, but there were some significant movements made by certain commitments.

First off, is something that has needed to happen for months now. Chris Jones not only moves up, but leaps up to 4-start status. Chris is a player with worlds of potential and the size that you covet at the Defensive end position. He is a kid I have described on twitter has having 4-star ability, but 5-start potential. What I mean by that is that he is a solid player and a talent that, even against inferior competition, is undeniable. The 5-star potential part means that he has a ceiling that hasn't been reached yet. In Jones, Chris Wilson has a kid that comes in with the size(and will only get stronger). Wilson should be able to make a monster out of Chris Jones. Don't forget that name. Jones will be a beast for years to come. Dan Mullen was able to find Jones out of a small MS high school and it was about time the rankings reflected his talent. He could potentially slide up even more.

Another player that added a 4th star is Cord Sandberg.

Sandberg, also a player of undeniable talent, plays in the most competitive classification of high school football in the state of Florida and to be honest, he makes it look easy. He has long been a member of the 4-star community in the Rivals rankings. He finally gathered the 4th star he deserved in the Scout rankings. He is still a big time baseball talent and the draft could snatch him up, but you can't pass on his talents when you have the opportunity to get them. His ranking now reflects his talent, as well as his intangibles.

Those were the biggest jumps, but some other movements were made, however.

Former MSU signees that are now at Hargrave Military Academy and will be back at MSU in January, Artimas Samuel and Kivon Coman are now both 3-stars.

Recent outside linebacker commitment, Dez Harris got 3-stars.

Recent defensive end commitment from Oxford...Alabama, Trent Simpson is now ranked. He now is a 2-star.

Brandon Wells is still a 3-star safety. Scout might eventually rank him as a wideout, but look for him to come to MSU as an athlete, anyways. He has a lot of athletic ability and could end up at either position in college.

Jamaal Clayborn is now ranked as an offensive guard and is a 3-star. Guard is his likely position at the next level.

These developments won't make these players better players, but you have to like that fact that they have been re-evaluated and ranked to reflect their talent. I can't state enough how much I like Chris Jones. I really believe he is one of the better players in the state and that he is one of the most important players in the class for MSU. I hope fans start to show him the love now that he has that glamorous 4th star. A lot of colleges are starting to inquire about him, but MSU was on him first and has him solid. Glad to see a kid from a small Mississippi high school get the ranking he deserves.

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