FWtCT Follies Predicts Auburn's 2012 Season with GIFs!

Hello there! And welcome to the first edition of FWtCT Follies, formerly Farce Friday, formerly Farcely Populated. Formerly a lot of things, but never formerly funny :(

In this week's edition of the post, we will be conducting a completely serious prediction preview of Auburn's 2012 season, including last week's Clemson game, this weekend's big matchup, and the rest of the season on through the PPPAAAWWWLLLL Iron Bowl. Oh and I'll be using one of my favorite things in the world to preview the Tigers: .GIFs!

Game 1 - Clemson

Final Score: Clemson 26, Auburn 19

Thoughts: Well, we can't really predict this one, because it already happened. What we can tell you is that Auburn was so, so close, but just couldn't quite make the leap to victory. Maybe next week you guys!



via i.chzbgr.com

Game 2 - @ Mississippi State

Predicted Final Score: Mississippi State 21, Auburn 17

Thoughts: Ohhh.... we've danced this dance for several years, and you've always gotten the last laugh. But now, we make our move!



via i.chzbgr.com

Game 3 - Louisiana - Monroe

Predicted Final Score: Auburn 42, UL-Monroe 10

Thoughts: Feeling good, fellas! Who's next?



via i.chzbgr.com

Game 4 - LSU

Predicted Final Score: LSU 21, Auburn 7

Thoughts: Les Miles ambles in, faking a handicap, only to steal victory and a feelsky from your girlfriend right from under your nose!



via i.chzbgr.com

Game 5 - Arkansas

Predicted Final Score: Auburn 31, Arkansas 30

Thoughts: No matter how many people tell you it's impossible, you demand victory, even with the lowest chances of it!



via i.chzbgr.com

Game 6 - @ Ole Miss

Predicted Final Score: Auburn 21, Ole Miss 10

Thoughts: Ole Miss is the diver, you are a part of the season that is the diving board. Hint: you WIN!



via chzgifs.files.wordpress.com

Game 7 - @ Vanderbilt

Predicted Final Score: Auburn 17, Vanderbilt 16

Thoughts: Zip, zop, zoobity bop! Road victories are almost as great as a pudding pop!



via 25.media.tumblr.com

Game 8 - Texas A&M

Predicted Final Score: Auburn 38, Texas A&M 34

Thoughts: Even you couldn't believe what you saw you do!



via i.chzbgr.com

Game 9 - New Mexico State

Predicted Final Score: Auburn 42, New Mexico State 18

Thoughts: .....



via images4.fanpop.com

Game 10 - Georgia

Predicted Final Score: Georgia 31, Auburn 27

Thoughts: So close! You pursued the red team with relentless pursuit, and although you kept the game so close, in the end, you didn't quite stick the landing :(



via i.chzbgr.com

Game 11 - Alabama A&M

Predicted Final Score: Auburn 35, Alabama A&M 6

Thoughts: You play how you feel, and you feel.... SUPER



via i.chzbgr.com

Game 12 - @ Alabama

Predicted Final Score: Alabama 34, Auburn 10

Thoughts: Let the Sophomore QB drive into Bryant Denny, they said. It will be fine, they said....



via freakyfail.com

Season Overview

Well Auburn, 7-5 certainly isn't a repeat of 2010, but against that tough schedule, it's nothing to be ashamed of for sure. We say you had a solid year, good luck the rest of the way!


via gifsforum.com

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