Updates with Fancy - All win, no spin

Hey y'all. got this tidbits post together for ya. No one else. Don't leak it to the Bulldogs, they're gonna be upset by some of the info here.

  • Tyler Russell. Heading to Oxford. Hates Starkville, mom wears red and blue to church every Sunday. Have been hearing rumblings from my sources that he and Freeze met last night in Freeze's Winnebago outside the taste-e-freeze near Holly Springs. Again, don't tell anyone where you got this info from.
  • Will Redmond continues to deny what is clearly true: that he wants to be at Ole Miss. Folks over at the maroon colored 247 keep spouting out this confirmations that Redmond says he'll stay at State. But I know Redmond better than himself. He wants to be here, and he will be. Despite his denials, expect the transfer to happen within the next week.
  • Chris Jones? More like Chris Gones. Despite what the Bulldog spin doctors tell you with their quotes and facts, he will be a Rebel. From day one, Coach Freeze has been orchestrating Chris' recruitment. They go to Olive Garden together sometimes. Sometimes they talk late at night on the telephone, what my sources tell me at least. Word is, Chris likes what he hears. Expect a signing day surprise, Rebel fans. Hope I didn't spoil the surprise for ya.
  • The only reason Ole Miss stalwarts in Batesville allowed the Deshea Townsend hire at State was because... he's a Cold War style Rebel implant! That's right. Ohhhhhhh, I've been so excited about this one I just couldn't hold it in any longer. Deshea picked Alabama over Ole Miss out of high school, you say? How is he working for us if he has never been a fan of us? Because he wanted to go to Ole Miss out of high school. Yep. Confirmed. We didn't have room for him, so we sent him to Oxford Junior High over in T-town. He's been closer to home this whole time than you might think. Now, with his hire in Mullet's staff, expect inside information to start filtering its way back to Oxford. Going Soviet on their butts. /giggles
  • Now there are a few updates on a few recruits to for OM that I can't mention by name right now. Things are still progressing, but here's what we know. I won't say his name, but a certain recruit who has been #1 on everyone's list for awhile has been recruiting players to transfer from other schools to join him in Oxford. Right now, there are talks of a certain national championship winning running back withdrawing from the NFL Draft and transferring in. Will have to sit a year, but believes OM can give him the that final championship that he wants. Rob....I mean this unnamed recruit also talked to a certain Texan QB who wanted to transfer in and join him. I can't say who, but He-is-man enough to admit that his current school just can't get him to the level that he feels that he can reach. OM can. Expect a transfer. Thinking Late February. Will also get a hardship waiver. His "grandfather" (winks rather obviously) owns a shop in Batesville and is sick. John-he gonna come on in, help out old grandpa, and wear the powder blue proudly. I've said too much.
  • And finally, I'm here to say that there is no need to worry about TC and Alabama. Although I can confirm by being in the vehicle's trunk that Tony was in Tuscaloosa last weekend, I can also report that he was only there to flip Alabama recruits. And it's working, I hear. Expect several players to come forward on NSD and help the Rebels orchestrate a Coup d'état for the ages. NC - here we come!

NOTE: this report features no factual information. It is assumed to be the exact same as a usual report on a site we all know.

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