Best of the SEC Thru Week 7

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Another bye week, so let's take a trip around the league.

We are at the half way point in the season. Seven down, seven to go. Two bye weeks is an uncommon thing, but I kind of like it. It stretches out the season a little bit.

SEC Standings

Missouri 2 0
Florida 3 1
Georgia 3 1
South Carolina 3 1
Tennessee 0 2
Kentucky 0 3
Vanderbilt 0 3

Alabama 3 0
LSU 3 1
Auburn 2 1
Texas A&M 2 1
Ole Miss 1 3
Mississippi State 0 2
Arkansas 0 3

Top 5 Conference Game So Far

5. Auburn 24, Mississippi State 20

4. Texas A&M 41, Ole Miss 38

3. Georgia 34, Tennessee 31

2. Ole Miss 39, Vanderbilt 35

1. Georgia 44, LSU 41

Top 5 Conference Games To Come

5. LSU at Ole Miss (Week 8)

4. Florida at Missouri (Week 8)

3. Georgia at Florida (Week 10)

2. Texas A&M at LSU (Week 13)

1. LSU at Alabama (Week 11)

Top 5 Upset Alert Games

5. Vanderbilt vs. Georgia (Week 8)

4. South Carolina at Missouri (Week 9)

3. Mississippi State at South Carolina (Week 10)

2. Ole Miss vs. LSU (Week 8)

1. Florida at Missouri (Week 8)

Top 5 Most Important Swing Games (that aren't listed in the top 5 games)

5. Auburn at Tennessee (Week 11)

4. Mississippi State at Arkansas (Week 13)

3. Missouri at Ole Miss (Week 13)

2. Florida at South Carolina (Week 12)

1. Egg Bowl (Week 14)

Top 5 SEC Players

1. Johnny Manziel, A&M

2. Jadeveon Clowney, USC

3. Jeremy Hill, LSU

4. Jordan Matthews, VU

5. Michael Sam, Mizzou

Top Defense: Florida

Top Offense: Texas A&M

My Power Rankings

1. Alabama (6-0) - still top dog.

2. LSU (6-1) - the offense is really really good and the defense is coming around as you might expect.

3. Missouri (6-0) - I can't believe I'm doing this, BUT I think they are a more complete team than Texas A&M right now and have the results on the field to justify it. I don't necessarily think they could beat some of the teams behind them, but I don't know for sure. And I'm grading them on what they've done to this point, how they look without James Franklin may change this even if they beat Florida.

4. Texas A&M (5-1) - The Aggies are vulnerable. Johnny Football is their whole team. Yeah, they have some other offensive weapons but without him they might be 3-3 right now, the defense is just terrible.

5. Georgia (4-2) - Unfortunately UGA has suffered a number of key injuries that put them down here. Without them they are up at #2 poised to challenge Alabama in the SEC title game. Their defense is pretty bad too I'm afraid and Todd Grantham may be up against the chopping block.

6. South Carolina (5-1) - That was an impressive win at Arkansas, and we'll see if they can put it all together again this week at Tennessee. If they do, they should vault up these rankings.

7. Auburn (5-1) - It may be smoke and mirrors, it may not be, but Gus Malzahn escapes the first half of the season with 5 wins.

8. Florida (4-2) - This defense is so good, it's really a shame the offense is so bad.

9. Ole Miss & Mississippi State (3-3) - From the same state and they look about the same right now. I don't see where either team can knock off a quality team, but both can beat lesser ones.

11. Vanderbilt (3-3) - They had a week off to lick their wounds from the Mizzou game, it will be interesting to see what they do at home vs. Georgia.

12. Tennessee (3-3) - Once again the Vols are not that good. The close game against Georgia was more of a fluke than a trend.

13. Arkansas (3-4) - 52-7 at home? I don't care where you are as a program, that is unacceptable. Not even Croom got beat that bad at home.

14. Kentucky (1-5) - They've got at MSU, vs. Alabama State, vs. Mizzou, at Vandy coming up. This is their chance to make a little bit of noise this year.

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