4th Quarter not a show of how hard the Bulldogs fought (but then again does that really matter?) Also Bowl Possibilities for MSU and TSUN

Nothing new happened last night as yet again LSU defeated Mississippi State. In the last 22 years Mississippi State has only defeated LSU once. And as well as we looked in the first 3 quarters(best i've seen them look in a long time), we still did not finish. We weren't thought to have a chance against this team so we performed probably better than the media thought. But then again if you make one mistake you pretty much lose the game and we made multiple in the 4th. Going forward we can learn from this and still have a shot of winning against a big time team.

What we learned from this game: BCS Bowl: Absolutely Not, SEC Title: No, Bowl: Possible, Egg Bowl: Always Possible, Upsetting someone(Alabama, South Carolina, or Texas A&M): Possible. Out of the 3 we have the best shot against South Carolina. They are a team in which we can score on and quite possibly be able to contain.

As far as the Egg Bowl Ole Miss lost last night again(nothing new) and will most likely lose their next 2 games to LSU and Texas A&M. Their remaining schedule is Idaho, Arkansas, Troy, Missouri, and at Mississippi State. They will beat Idaho and probably Troy(not a gimme though as we learned last year) but Missouri is a team that is undefeated right now and dominated Vanderbilt(which Ole Miss squeaked by) so I think Missouri will beat them. I'm not sure about Arkansas but Arkansas could beat Ole Miss and that would put Ole Miss out of a bowl game(unless they beat us). I'm just saying all that to say that Ole Miss's "magical season" may not even make it to a bowl game.

Here is the deal about us getting to a bowl game. Our next 2 games are must wins or we will not make one. We have to beat Bowling Green and Kentucky(Thursday ESPN yay!) which are both at home and winnable and I think MSU will win both. Then comes that difficult 3 game stretch at South Carolina, at Texas A&M, and Alabama. MSU can easily go 0-3 there but I think they will go 1-2 with me predicting an upset of South Carolina. But even if we go 0-3 we can still make a bowl. We must defeat Arkansas which we play at Little Rock for some odd reason so I think that helps us more. We can defeat Arkansas and I think we will. And will it all be up to the Egg Bowl? Will MSU and Ole Miss be playing for a bowl berth? If so it could be one of the best in years. I don't make predictions on the Egg Bowl because it doesn't matter what you did before, each team can win it easily which is why i don't want to wait until the Egg Bowl to try to get to a bowl(but we probably will have to and it won't be the worst thing especially if we take Ole Miss's Bowl Berth away). So i think we will finish 6-6 with a win over South Carolina or Ole Miss(and if we are lucky both!). possibilities

To me this team looks like they will have something with Dak next season. It may be one of our best offensive seasons in years. And with our defense improving it may be one of the best seasons we have. But lets face it on how to take the momentum back in the state of Mississippi: Beat Ole Miss and win a bowl. It is as simple as that and that is what we need to do this year. I would rather defeat Ole Miss this season then make a bowl. Also remember the Egg Bowl is a Thursday ESPN game as well (yay!) so that's another reason why I'd rather win the Egg Bowl then win to a C USA team most likely on a bowl.

Oh and if you haven't noticed I enjoy ESPN Thursday games the most because I like that commentating crew best of any crew plus we are the only real big game on so that's why.

Side Note i consider our rivals in this order to be: Ole Miss, Alabama, Kentucky, and Auburn. Some people don't consider Kentucky a rival but i do. The series is tied at 20-20 and I hope we don't lose this rivalry because it not only will give us a better shot at making a bowl game, it may let Kentucky consider us a rival in other sports(Basketball but we need to get better) which will make us look good. So yeah I want to keep the Kentucky game.

#DAKATTACK I like this let's use this!

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