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Super Bulldog Weekend 2013

Everything you need to know about what's going on in Starkville for Super Bulldog Weekend 2013.

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Boobie Dixon: future Starkville business owner?

Could Boobie be a future Starkville business owner?


MSU now holds top ten on-campus attendances

Another large turnout at Dudy Noble gives MSU a pretty cool place in NCAA baseball history.


Bulldogs take series in front of 14,562

Dudy Noble was rocking on Saturday, and the 14,000+ that turned out were not dissappointed, as State claimed a 6-0 victory to win the series.


Auburn Wins Game 1, or Game 2 or whatever, 3-1

The Diamond Dawgs play, how shall we say.. sucky, and lose to Auburn


Dillon Day & Tyler Russell get tats in this Vine

I saw this last night, and frankly, I laughed pretty hard at it.

<iframe class="vine-embed" src="" width="600" height="600" frameborder="0"></iframe><script async src="//" charset="utf-8"></script>

For those of you that don't habla SEC football, that's Mississippi State starting quarterback Tyler Russell, hanging out with his starting center, Dillon Day. In the short clip, known to the kids as a "Vine", depicts Dillon "getting yet another tattoo" (he has many real ones), and Tyler telling him that he wants to get one too. Obviously Tyler doesn't take his as well. It's obviously fake (for those of you who didn't catch that), but it's hilarious. Well done guys.


Maroon-White Spring Game Rosters Announced

See who is playing with who in tomorrow's spring game.


MSU Wins Delayed Game vs. Auburn, 6-3

State and Auburn's Thursday night series opener was delayed with MSU leading 6-3 in the 7th inning, but the Bulldogs finished the deal on Friday night by the same score.


Auburn/MSU celeb softball team on UNITE

Chuck at 1st, Dampier at 3B, CROOM catching.

celeb softball team

Wait, who is that in left?



You guys, this isn't fun anymore.

/walks away

photo via @SEC_Chuck


Maroon "B" hats to honor Boston victims, heroes

This is really cool.


For tonight's Super Bulldog Weekend-opening baseball game against Auburn, State will be donning maroon "B" hats, to honor the victims and heroes of Monday's horrific Boston Marathon bombing.

The schools says that these will not be sold in stores, and that they were strictly produced to honor the victims and heroes.

Well done Adidas, and well done Mississippi State. This is a fantastic tribute.

photo courtesy of Mississippi State University | @MSU_baseball


2013 MSU FB posters and pocket schedules released

Another marketing job well done for MSU.


The "Pack the Dude" movement, summed up in one .GIF

You see a dog packing himself into a box, I see a metaphor for State fans packing the Dude this weekend (note: the Dude is much nicer than a cardboard box)


Mid-2000's music flashback happening @ SBW weekend

Let me start with this: I'm slightly old. Old as in past my mid 20's, so, you know, OLD by college standards. So if this has been widely known for awhile, then please forgive my old, out-of-touch ways. As Super Bulldog Weekend begins getting cranked (crunked?) up today, I'm starting to see people talking about not only seeing music act Cage the Elephant this weekend, but Sister Hazel, Chamillionare, and Yung Joc as well.

Say what?!

Apparently (you probably already knew. I didn't) Yung Joc and Chamillionare will be playing frat houses this weekend (Joc @ Phi Delt, not sure where for Chamillionare), while Sister Hazel is playing Rick's Saturday night.

I love Super Bulldog Weekend. I love mid-2000's rap. And most importantly, I can address all of those loves this weekend in Starkville.

[UPDATE] - I have been given the full schedule - Chamillionare is playing at the Sig Ep house. Yung Joc, as mentioned, is at the Phi Delt house. Roscoe Dash is playing Sigma Chi, and Gorilla Zoe is playing FIJI.


It's Going Down

Chamillionare Starkville



Super Bulldog Weekend Memories

SBW '13 is coming up this weekend

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