Auburn vs. Florida State: BCS National Championship drinking game

Matt Kartozian-US PRESSWIRE

Whether you're rooting for the SEC streak to continue or for Florida State to end Auburn's lucky streak, boy have we got a fun way to help you hydrate during the game.

No, Mississippi State isn't in the national championship game.  But many of us will still be watching tonight, so why shouldn't we have a little fun while we watch the Tigers and Seminoles battle it out?  Join in if you please

Drink 1

  • start of the game.
  • broadcasters talk about Malzahn being on 2010 coaching staff that won NCG
  • Tim Tebow sighting
  • Tim Tebow says "honor"
  • Cam Newton mentioned.
  • Auburn first down/touchdown.
  • Florida State first down/touchdown.
  • Tre Mason touchdown.
  • Mark May says something stupid.
  • Jesse Palmer's jacket is too tight.
  • ESPN shows video of Jameis Winston playing baseball (add a drink if it's the video of him throwing guy out from RF)
  • broadcasters mention SEC national championship streak.
  • Crowd shot of Florida State fan in an Affliction tshirt or flat-billed cap

Drink 2

  • start of the second quarter.
  • Bo Jackson shown on camera
  • Nick Saban says "the process"
  • ESPN shows Tebow and Meyer hugging after their national championship
  • mention of Auburn fans wanting to roll trees outside of the Rose Bowl
  • highlights shown from Auburn winning at Texas A&M
  • broadcasters mention "Heisman moment" for Jameis Winston
  • broadcasters refer to Nick Marshall as being a "dual-threat" QB
  • broadcasters discuss "the kick" vs. Alabama
  • broadcasters discuss Alabama being in NCG if not for "the kick".
  • Brent Musburger calls the game a "barn burner"
  • onside kick (add a shot if it's the opening kick of the second half).
  • somebody misses a field goal (add a drink if it's blocked).
  • crowd shot shows Auburn fan holding sign that features the word "destiny"

Drink 3

  • start of the second half.
  • mention of Jameis Winston being second straight freshman to win Heisman comes up.
  • whenever you see Auburn-Georgia game ridiculously lucky catch replayed.
  • camera shows grown man/woman wearing a Tiger tail.
  • Harvey Updyke mentioned.
  • someone fakes an injury to slow the other team's tempo.
  • Paul Finebaum says that Alabama would have given FSU more of a game.
  • For every punt each team has over five for the game.

Have a shot

  • start of the fourth quarter (make it a double for overtime).
  • pick 6.
  • special teams touchdown.
  • Charles Barkley seen drinking a beer and eating a hotdog.
  • Nick Marshall runs for and passes for 200 yards.
  • Tre Mason runs for over 250 yards.
  • Jameis Winston passes for 350 yards or more.
  • Katherine Webb is an Auburn alumn mention.
  • Paul Finebaum seen shining Nick Saban's shoes.

[post idea and a few of the drinks via Hustle Belt]

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