How many National Championships should Mississippi State claim in Football?

Recent articles by MSU fan sites have suggested that we claim national championships in the early years of football. The reason being is that surrounding SEC West Rivals Alabama, Ole Miss, and now Auburn have decided to follow this philosophy. So by the philosophy these teams have used to claim their national championship, they usually claim national championships with a tie or 2 or a loss(or in Alabama's case 2 losses in 1941(to MSU and Vanderbilt)). I always thought we should have claimed the 1941 NC mainly because OM and Alabama claimed way more ridiculous NC's. But Below is the list of the years that We should consider based on their philosophies(not which ones we should claim)(note I do not know final poll rankings, I am doing this on mere wins and losses) Note Ref: here

1903 (3-0-2)

1-0 H • 1-0-2 A • 1-0 N Dan Martin

10/16 Alabama (@ Columbus) [Fri .] 11-0 W

10/24 at Meridian Athletic Club 43-0 W

11/7 LSU 11-0 W

11/14 at Ole Miss 6-6 T

12/5 at Tulane 0-0 T

EXPL: Ok not the best one but it is the earliest one. Hey Auburn is going to claim championships in the 1910's, 1 decade wont make a difference.

1917 (6-1)

3-0 H • 1-0 A • 2-1 N Sid Robinson

10/5 MARION [Ala .] MLT . INST . [Fri .] 18-6 W


10/27 Auburn (@ Birmingham) 6-13 L

11/3 Ole Miss (@ Tupelo) 41-14 W

11/10 KENTUCKY 14-0 W

11/17 at LSU 9-0 W

11/29 Haskell Inst . (@ Memphis) [Thu .] 7-6 W

EXPL: A little early but a really great year.

1939 (8-2, 3-2 SEC)

4-0 H • 3-1 A • 1-1 N Allyn McKeen

9/23 HOWARD 45-0 W

9/30 Arkansas (@ Memphis) 19-0 W

10/7 * at Florida 14-0 W

10/14 * Auburn (@ Birmingham, Ala .) 0-7 L


10/28 * at Alabama 0-7 L


11/11 * at LSU 15-12 W


11/25 * at Ole Miss 18-6 W

EXPL: A really Great Bulldog Team in a great era. They are in the midst of having to play Auburn and Alabama in ALabam every year for a pretty extended amount of time. I give them points bc these games should be in Mississippi. Plus Alabama claims a National Championship with 2 losses.

1940 (10-0-1, 4-0-1 SEC)

4-0 H • 5-0 A • 1-0-1 N Allyn McKeen

9/28 * at Florida 27-7 W


10/12 * Auburn (@ Birmingham) 7-7 T

10/19 HOWARD (HC) 40-7 W

10/26 at North Carolina State 26-10 W

11/2 at Southwestern (#20-NR) 13-0 W

11/9 * at LSU (#19-NR) 22-7 W

11/16 MILLSAPS (#15-NR) 46-13 W

11/23 * OLE MISS (#16-#11) 19-0 W

11/30 * at Alabama (#11-NR) 13-0 W


1/1 Georgetown (#9-#13) [Wed .] 14-7 W

EXPL: We didnt win the SEC this year yet this is probably our best year in school history. Again we have to travel to Auburn and Alabama, There is no clear rotation here. Shouldnt the SEC have stepped in?

1941 (8-1-1, 4-0-1 SEC)


3-0 H • 4-1-1 A • 1-0 N Allyn McKeen

9/27 * FLORIDA 6-0 W

10/4 * at Alabama (#19-NR) 14-0 W

10/11 * at LSU 0-0 T

10/25 UNION (HC) 56-7 W

11/1 at Southwestern (#17-NR) 20-6 W

11/8 * Auburn (@ Birmingham) (#16-NR) 14-7 W

11/15 at Duquesne (#13-#10) 0-16 L


11/29 * at Ole Miss (NR-#14) 6-0 W

12/6 at San Francisco (#16-NR) 26-13 W

EXPL: Our only year we ever won the SEC. I personally think this is one of our best years ever as well.

1942 (8-2, 5-2 SEC)

3-0 H • 3-2 A • 2-0 N Allyn McKeen

9/26 UNION 35-2 W

10/3 * at Alabama 6-21 L

10/10 * at LSU 6-16 L

10/17 * at Vanderbilt (NR-#12) 33-0 W

10/24 * at Florida (#16-NR) 26-12 W

10/31 * Auburn (@ Birmingham, Ala .) 6-0 W

11/7 * at Tulane 7-0 W

11/14 DUQUESNE (HC) 28-6 W

11/28 * OLE MISS (#16-NR) 34-13 W

12/5 USF (@ Memphis) (#18-NR) 19-7 W

EXPL: Having played a non rotational schedule hurts.

1944 (6-2, 3-2 SEC)

3-0 H • 1-2 A • 2-0 N Allyn McKeen

9/30 JACKSON [Miss .] AFB 41-0 W


10/14 ARKANSAS A&M 49-20 W

10/21 * at LSU 13-6 W

11/4 * Kentucky (@ Memphis) 26-0 W

11/11 * Auburn (@ Birmingham) (#19-NR) 26-21 W

11/18 * at Alabama (#16-NR) 0-19 L

11/25 * at Ole Miss 8-13 L

EXPL: Good wins but late losses.

1946 (8-2, 3-2 SEC)

3-0 H • 3-2 A • 2-0 N Allyn McKeen

9/29 CHATTANOOGA [Sun .] 41-7 W

10/5 * at LSU 6-13 L

10/12 at Michigan State 6-0 W

10/19 San Francisco (@ Memphis) 48-20 W

10/26 * at Tulane 14-7 W

11/2 MURRAY STATE (HC) 69-0 W

11/9 * Auburn (@ Birmingham) 33-0 W


11/23 * at Ole Miss 20-0 W

11/30 * at Alabama (#19-NR) 7-24 L

EXPL: Again still dont host LSU, Alabama, or Auburn. The SEC should have made sure that we did.

MY thoughts on which we should claim:

Personally I don't think we should claim 1942-1946. Yes I do think hosting some of those games would have helped, but we still lost them. In 1903 we really didn't play that many games so I wont give us that. In 1917 we only had 1 loss to Auburn so this one is a tough decision for me. In 1939-41 MSU had its best teams in school history. I agree to claim 40-41 and I will give us 39 because we were not on a consistent SEC Rotation.

Which Ones can we claim?

I think we could claim all the ones I listed above, but I think that would be stupid.

Final Verdict:

There are 4 years I want to claim: 1917, 1939, 1940,1941. I think not playing a consistent SEC schedule rotation justifies 1917 and 1939(like I have said a million times). And 1940 and 1941 you can not convince me that we should not claim those years. But again, you may only think we should claim 2.

Your Turn:

Which ones do you think we should claim? Leave a comment below on which of these or others you think we should claim.

Note: Again I did not research final poll rankings because I did not know where to look. I based it on record and how I think our fellow SEC Teams did it.

FanPosts are just that; posts created by the fans. They are in no way indicative of the opinions of SBN and the authors of For Whom the Cowbell Tolls.

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