Mississippi State Needs Mens Soccer

Lets face it. Outside of the US, Soccer is the most popular sport. In fact the most popular sport in America isn't even played outside the US(except that weird thing Canada does). Basketball is played by most countries but the US pretty much dominates everyone. Baseball is not played at the Olympics anymore however I do believe there may be some sort of baseball world cup but I am not sure(either way Japan and Puerto Rico seem to dominate international baseball due to the MLB). In fact I was reading a ESPN Article where Soccer may be equal in popularity with baseball among American fans which is interesting.

This is not about making Soccer the #1 sport in America which isnt out of the question but that is not the goal. The goal is to make it AS popular as Football Basketball and Baseball and to make it another sports choice for Americans. The reason why it probably is not as popular is because teams like Mississippi State do not field Mens Soccer Teams so we cannot help the USMNT get better(or MLS). It really makes me mad to hear people compare how much more exciting golf is to soccer. Really? You are telling me that watching the USA Portugal game is more boring than golf? You must be mistaken.

I will highlight some of the reasons why you probably do not like soccer:

You haven't bothered to learn the rules,

You are not used to watching 45+ mins of straight action without a break(It can be slow or fast you have to watch the correct game like USA),

You have never attended a soccer game(pro),

Soccer is never really on except for the World Cup and idk what soccer to watch after the world cup.

Honestly I did not like watching soccer until I watched USA at Mexico in 2013 which was a scoreless draw. But it was exciting to see the chances USA had and the great defense. The media will tell you we suck at soccer bc of our history but this is the beginning of the new era and so far so great. We beat Germany in 2013 4-3 FYI.

But if MSU had a mens soccer team you might consider watching it especially on the SEC Network. You could have MSU win the SEC and NCAA all in a new sport that for some reason we have not decided to take. And if you have not noticed I do like soccer better than any other sport by far with baseball 2nd and football 3rd. Its because the USA fields a soccer team in the world cup and I don't see a USA Football Team with a starting QB anywhere.

Its not like it would be that hard to get one. WE can use the exact stadium that we use for the Women. We already have a Club soccer team so we can just start with that team. And about Title 9. I was reading where we could add Women s Beach Volleyball. That doesn't sound that bad. Other suggestions: gymnastics or equestrian.

Realistically this can be done as soon as possible. So I ask all of the Bulldog Fan base to please support this cause. In order for Mens Soccer to become an official SEC Sport 4 teams would have to have it. Kentucky and South Carolina already field soccer teams so if we get one, then Ole Miss will copy us and we will have 4 SEC Teams ready to play Mens Soccer(it is an SEC Rule FYI).

And on a last convincing point: In Baseball we own the top NCAA On Campus Attendance in Baseball. Well maybe if we get enough fans, we could move the Mens Soccer Games to DWS(this would take years) and break the NCAA On Campus Attendance Record for Soccer and just Dominate the Fan Support. The Student Section can make cheers and we could be playing soccer against Ole Miss which could decide the SEC in front of 50 thousand fans(I know this is a dream at best). But still we can make this one of MSUs most popular sports by having early success and finding fan friendly ways to encourage people to come.

So I ask again Scott Stricklin, The MSU Athletic Department, and the Bulldog Fanbase: PLEASE make this happen.

Also comment your thoughts:

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