Talk about USM on Bulldog Sports Radio


Tommy Domenico of 96.7 The Champ on the Mississippi Coast joined me on the Daily Grind to talk about the Southern Miss Golden Eagles and the MSU/USM matchup. If you want to catch the entire show, click here.

What an MSU football a scholarship offer looks like


MSU QB commit Nick Tiano gave us all a peak at what an official Mississippi State football scholarship offer looks like last night. Nothing special here; just kind of neat to see. Also notice Tiano's name on the back of the uniform at the bottom. Nice touch.

SEC Network and Football Schedules: Egg Bowl to Thanksgiving?


We've seen Scott Stricklin do business on twitter before. Is he looking to do the same with trying to get the Egg Bowl on Thanksgiving?

DirecTV (finally) gets the SEC Network


All you DirecTV customers who've been holding your breath... Rejoice! DirectTV and the SEC Network have reached a deal just in time for next week's launch.

There's a late contender for new Ole Miss mascot


The Hotty Toddy Baby. Looks a lot like Elvis, but is less of a singer and more of a connoisseur of tight one-piece jump suits.

Adidas creates jacket for those who root for MSU AND Texas A&M!


This probably wouldn't be as big of a deal if Adidas had not already created several different uniforms for the two teams that look eerily similar. Fans for a few years have accused Adidas of copying/pasting designs between the two, so yeah, this won't help matters. (via Fancred)

Dan Mullen hanging out with Smokey the Bear


I started to do a full post on this where I made up a bunch of "Only you can ____" phrases for Dan Mullen, but I just kept coming back to "Only you can prevent Ole Miss from winning the Egg Bowl."

MSU Defensive Coordinator Geoff Collins' photoshop game is strong


The man is a highly sought after defensive coach AND a talented graphic designer?! We really struck gold in keeping the juice man

Auburn fan sinks 95-foot putt to win car at MSU-AU basketball game Saturday


This is MSU-related due to the fact that it was the most productive thing that came from the whole game. Kudos to this guy for immediately being better at putting than all of us.

Selfie featuring Bobby Knight reading a newspaper? Selfie featuring Bobby Knight reading a newspaper


Coming to you from the "GET OFF MY LAWN" bureau we have the above picture, which was snapped by an MSU student last week when Knight was in town to call the MSU-UF basketball game. No details have emerged yet on whether or not Knight slapped this guy around following the picture. [h/t sixpackspeak]

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