ATTENTION: Cowbell sighting on college gameday

Heck yeah, Gameday cowbell [h/t @JBE00]

MSU wearing maroon version of 'Snow Bowl' helmets Saturday?


It appears like MSU may be breaking out a little uni swag after all on Saturday when they take on Oklahoma State at the Texas Kickoff Classic. MSU RB Nick Griffin tweeted out the above picture just moments ago. Looks pretty awesome (please don't lose in these, please don't lose in these, please don't lose in these) (via) [UPDATE] Coach Mullen confirms that we're totally wearing these, you guys!

The best motivational Tombstone-based fark for this weekend


We have no doubt that this is THE best Tombstone-based motivational fark featuring Dan Mullen as Wyatt Earp that you'll find on this Wednesday. (via BentDawg)

Groom's cake has autographed Dan Mullen football IN IT

Courtesy of our friend Blake, the groom's cake for a wedding where Blake is working today features one layer that's no quite edible, but can be sold on eBay in the future.

David Wade's new north endzone gets maroon bleachers

Thanks to Rhett Hobart, we got this look at the new bleachers going in in Davis Wade's new north endzone yesterday in preparation for the home opener on September 7th. I think the maroon looks awesome, and I have to wonder if we're gonna see eventual replacement of all the bleachers to match the maroon.

Joe Morrow channels the Joker at the midnight lift

So MSU football last evening had its midnight lift, which puts a cap on the end of summer workouts. This morning we've seen pictures from last night's event, with players dressed in all manner of costumes. The special teams went Dodgeball, and Dillon Day went Jack Sparrow. But the best one from last night? Has to be Joe Morrow, who dressed as The Joker. No word yet this morning on the status of Gotham Hospital, but we have hopes that the lift kept Joe busy and away from spreading mayhem last night. (More pictures can be seen @mstateFB)

The Dan Mullen - Sbarro legend lives

Joe Galbraith hinted that Mullen was going to make a Sbarro-related quip at some point today, and here it is. Kudos to Mullen for playing it up.

Congrats to the Mississippi State Rebels for making the CWS

You had one job, t-shirt printing guy. Yes, that shirt was a real item available for real purchase with real money before being pulled from the shelves and online today. It's funny (Ole Miss makes Omaha, and what not), but its also pretty sad. How many times are we gonna see people outside of Missississippi get the two confused?

How fun this MSU baseball team has been, summed up in one pic


Man, what a fun team this has been to watch this year. No matter the highs or lows, they have stayed loose, and it's easy to tell that they are having fun. Hail State [Pirtle kicks carousel horse | ONWARDS TO OMAHA, NOBLE STEED!]

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