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Mississippi State vs Arkansas Football 2013

Get all of your news, updates, stats, preview, analysis, odds, and more here in preparation for MSU's SEC battle in Little Rock against the Arkansas Razorbacks.

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Stock Watch -- Arkansas

Whose stock is on its way up and whose it on its way down after MSU's 24-17 OT win over Arkansas.


WMD's Armchair QB: Pulled Pork Edition

Dawgs Tough Out OT Win in Little Rock


Bully's Growler: MSU vs. Arkansas

Re-live the weirdness that was yesterday's Mississippi State win over Arkansas with the best tweets from the game.


Mississippi State edges Arkansas 24-17

Mississippi State won a very ugly game against the Arkansas Razorbacks in overtime. The Bulldogs were down to their third string quarterback in the overtime. Nickoe Whitley had the game winning play when he ripped the ball away from the Arkansas running back on the goal line in the fourth quarter.


Instant Overreactions: MSU wins a weird one

MSU’s first win in the Natural State was a weird one. But it’s a win. And it keeps the team alive for a bowl game.


Damian Williams score; Taveze Calhoun INT in win

What a game.  Mistakes riddled with fantastic play was the name of the game today, as the jekyll-and-hyde Bulldogs ultimately finished Hyde, avoiding losing due to mistakes by producing a big play in overtime, both on the offensive and defensive side of things.

Starting overtime tied at 17, Mississippi State got the ball first, and promptly scored, as Damian Williams went 25 yards on the QB keeper to put MSU up 24-17.

Williams run Arkansas win

[video via SECTV]

The Bulldogs would then go on defense, and on a big fourth down, Taveze Calhoun came up with the big interception, ending the game, and pushing the Bulldogs to 5-6 with a chance to win next week to earn a bowl bid.

Calhoun INT Arkansas win

[video via SECTV]

Hail State!


LaDarius Perkins 30 yard TD grab [.GIF]

Today has been -- for lack of a better phrase -- a derp fest for MSU, but there have been a few bright spots mixed in among the questionable personnel choices, the mental mistakes, and the blocked field goals.

Just before the half, Tyler Russell found LaDarius Perkins for this beautiful 30-yard touchdown grab.  Perkins ran straight down the middle, and made one heck of an effort to get into the endzone, even getting pinballed by two Razorback defenders.

Perkins Catch

[video via SECTV]

Perkins looked shaken up after the play, but he would emerge on his own power.

After turning over the Razorbacks, MSU would waste a scoring opportunity before the half, and then waste another after a strong drive turned into a blocked field goal to start the second half.

The Razorbacks just scored to take 17-10 lead over Mississippi State with just  a few minutes remaining in the third quarter.

Go State


MSU vs. Arkansas: TV, Time, Odds, and Streaming

Ahhhh, we need a win! And we may start a freshman! Can Mississippi State walk into Little Rock and win today? We'll found out in just hours. Until then, make sure you get your TV, game time, odds, and streaming information right here for today's Mississippi State versus Arkansas matchup. New to For Whom the Cowbell Tolls? Sign up with us here! For more on today's game, make sure you check out our MSU vs. Arkansas Storystream.


Who will play QB for MSU Saturday vs. Arkansas?

Dak Prescott missed the entirety of the Alabama game last weekend, and Tyler Russell sustained an injury in the game. Will either be ready to go this weekend when MSU travels to Little Rock, and if not, can the freshman Williams handle things?


Mississippi State vs. Arkansas: The Big Preview

Welcome everybody to week eleven of The Big Preview! This week, we'll buckle down and examine MSU's first of two final games this season, against the Arkansas Razorbacks. State has to win out to gain bowl eligibility, and the state of Arkansas has not been kind to the Bulldogs... well ever. Can MSU break the road losing streak in the natural state against an Arkansas team led by first year coach Bret Bielema? Will Dak be back? What about Tyler? We take a look at all of this and more in this week's The Big Preview: MSU vs. Arkansas.


VIDEO: MSU Beats Arkansas in 1998

Yes...yes, this was awesome.

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