Fake MSU News

Stansbury to A&M for uni to be named later

The Bulldogs and Aggies worked up a late night deal that sent the former MSU coach to College Station in exchange for an exclusive maroon uniform that won't be copied for the Aggies.

Source: Original commemorative uni "Bit primitive"

A FWtCT source* shared an early concept for the commemorative MSU uniforms for the season opener this fall, and it's quite primitive.

@CoachHughFreeze lays off 50 workers

The nation's #1 retweeting account has made layoffs recently due to a production slowdown.

Ross Mitchell quits baseball to pursue rap career

Shocking news out of Starkville this morning as Ross Mitchell announces that he will leave baseball to pursue his budding rap career full-time.

The Switcheroo: Shenanigans in the SEC


In an April Fools' Day Prank, the Scott Stricklins of the SEC switch jobs for the day.

FWtCT *gets copy of* Orgeron speech for MSU clinic


Bobby Knight to throw out first chair for MSU-Fla


The Hall of Fame coach and ESPN commentator will throw out the first chair prior to tipoff between MSU and Florida Thursday night.

Ray invites Marshall Henderson over for fondue


After the two finished squaring off on the hardwood yesterday, they discussed upcoming dinner plans.

Source: MSU to interview Mullin if Mullen leaves


Sources in Starkville tonight tell us that should Dan Mullen leave for the University of Connecticut head football coaching vacancy, MSU will not waste time pursuing Dan Mullin: head coach at...

Nickoe Whitley to Face Wrestling Legend Sting?


Did Nickoe Whitley's actions Friday cause wrestling icon Sting to decide to challenge the senior safety to a match?

MSU to sell beer, hold concert for students vs UK


Struggling with a way to combat the lack of student participation and attendance at home football games, Scott Stricklin has devised maybe his most innovative plan yet to help keep the students in...

MSU fails to Name QB at Deadline-Position Shutdown


While everyone knew time was running out to declare a quarterback, Dan Mullen has decided to shutdown the whole position because no one could make a strong enough argument to start Tyler Russell or...

Local PD sets arrests O/U at 135 for LSU


It's safe to say that the Local PD is expecting a productive weekend when Tiger fans come to town.

Mullen invites fans to call plays against Troy


In an unprecedented move today, Dan Mullen responded to the constant complaining of fans about last week's second half conservative playcalling by inviting the fans to take their own shot at it,...

5 years later, we remember the tragedy of 3-2

A season that started with much promise ended so badly for MSU football in 2008. Thrust in the middle of that trying season was a devastating 3-2 defeat to the Auburn Tigers. Tom Rinaldi revisits...

SOURCE: Cohen seeks to move home games to Hoover


The MSU head coach has seen enough to become interested in moving all MSU home games to the Hoover Metropolitan Stadium, a source tells FWtCT.

Ruis Powers-Pollorena to pitch for MSU Tuesday


RPP, a distant cousin of MSU P Luis Pollorena, will get the start Tuesday as MSU takes on Oral Roberts.

Los Angeles junkman accidentally invited to tourn.


You big dummies.

Ray suspends two Humphrey Coliseum janitors


The janitor suspension leaves the cleanup crew shorthanded for Saturday's post game cleanup following the Vanderbilt game.

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