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Fancred introduces web-based usage, iOS7 design

Remember that post a few months back... March to be exact... about a new app that was catching the sports world by storm? They upgraded tremendously this morning with the arrival of Fancred 2.

ESPN Responds to Mike Patrick Criticism

Monday night, many Mississippi State fans took to social media over a perceived slight from ESPN's Mike Patrick. Tuesday, ESPN issued a statement about the comment.

Kyle Peterson talking Omaha, MSU and long balls

Kyle Peterson has been handling commentary at Omaha. Check out his thoughts on Mississippi State, the College World Series, and the lack of homeruns in Omaha.

Charlottesville Super Regional G2 - Open Thread

Can Mississippi State (47-18) get one more against Virginia (50-11) and advance to the 2013 College World Series? Let's find out, shall we?

Mississippi State Takes Game One against Virginia

The Bulldogs, led by a 6 for 6 performance by Adam Frazier, pound out twenty hits on their way to an 11-6 victory. Mississippi State's defense, shaky in the regional, turns four double plays to help pick up the win.

Cord Sandberg Drafted by Phillies in 3rd Round

Mississippi State quarterback prospect Cord Sandberg appears set to sign with the Philadelphia Phillies after being selected in the third round of the baseball draft.

Bulldogs regroup, win, head to Super Regionals

Mississippi State rebounded from a Game 6 loss to Central Arkansas to claim a 6-1 Game 7 victory to win the Starkville Regional and advance to the Charlottesville Super Regional against the National No. 6 seed Virginia.

Who has done the most at Mississippi State

The Bulldogs have installed new coaches in football, baseball, basketball, and softball in the last five years. Which coach has had the biggest impact on their new team. Your chance to read, vote, and try to sway others to your side.

MSU fan has greatest obituary ever

I did not have the privilege of knowing this man, but he sounds like a he was awesome.

POLL: Feeling the new layout or no?

New look. Same authors. Still amazing?


Saturday Thoughts with The Croom Diaries

I. The last few weeks I've heard a lot of people making a couple of assumptions that I think are a little premature: 1. Arkansas will be just as good without Bobby Petrino, and 2. Mississippi...

Saturday Thoughts with The Croom Diaries

Hey folks! I'm not sure what to do without a end-of-July Brett Favre saga so I've been making lists. As you saw this week, I ranked the Top 25 games in the SEC this year. I'm sure you agree with...

Poll: Who is State's 2nd Biggest Rival?

There's a lot of hate towards Auburn this summer. The Plainsmen have always been like a brother, that is until Cam Newton...then last year's bone-crushing defeat. There's always been plenty of hate...

MSU's first Olympian: Don Scott at the 1920 games

With the 2012 Summer Olympics in London just around the corner, we take time in our Summer School MSU History to remember Mississippi State's first Olympian, Don Scott, who participated in the 1920 games in Antwerp

Saturday Thoughts with The Croom Diaries

Howdy my good people, and welcome to the weekend. I was thinking about our new SEC brethren a few days ago - Missouri and Texas A&M. I'm fine with them joining the conference, but I'm not sure I'm...

FWtCT Greatest Games Bracket: A Winner Emerges

Shortly after the FWtCT's Greatest Games Bracket championship kicked off last week it was already over, as the champion cruised to yet another victory in this tournament. It's easy to understand...

Questioning Coaching Moves

I am always questioning coaching moves. If you follow me on twitter, you probably saw me questioning John Cohen's in-game moves (especially bunting) quite frequently over the last few weeks. And I...

FWTCT Greatest Games: Championship Round; 1980 Bama (Football) vs. 2004 Bama (Basketball)

We have arrived at the championship round of our greatest games challenge/bracket/thingamajig. It all comes down to two classic victories against our real rivals, Alabama*. A battle of the best...

Saturday Thoughts with The Croom Diaries

The loss to Samford on Friday was tough. Not only did State not get on the board offensively, but Chris Stratton gave up three home runs, and then Caleb Reed another. It was almost shocking to see...

FWTCT Greatest Games: Semi-Final #2

We're down to the Final Four of Mississippi State games. I guess it's only fitting that in this semi-final match-up we have a game that took MSU basketball to the Final Four and another team that...

FWTCT Greatest Games Recap: Down to the Final Four

Over the last couple of weeks we've been asking our readers to vote in a bracket of the Sweet 16 games in MSU history. Here is a quick recap of how we got down to the final four... Round 1: 2004...

FWTCT Greatest Games: Quarterfinal #4

The FWTCT Greatest Games Bracket continues with the final quarterfinal matchup: '80 vs. Alabama (Football) VS. '96 vs. Kentucky (Basketball)

FWTCT Greatest Games: Quarterfinal #3

Today's Match-Up: 1998 vs Arkansas (Football) against the 1999 Egg Bowl (Football) How They Got Here: "The Kick and The Pick," took down the 2007 Super Regional vs Clemson (Baseball) in...

FWTCT Greatest Games Bracket, Quaterfinal #2

It's getting even tougher to pick these games as we are now down to eight of the greatest games in MSU history. Today's matchup is between two legendary Bulldog postseason wins: '90 vs. FSU on...

FWTCT Greatest Games: Quarterfinal #1

Today"s Matchup: 2004 Basketball vs Alabama (Won SEC Regular Season Title in a comeback) against 2000 Football vs Florida (one of the most complete performances by an MSU football team. EVER. And...

FWTCT Greatest Games Bracket, RD1 : 1980 vs. Bama (Football) VS. 2004 vs. Florida (Football)

Mississippi State Greatest Games contest continues with 1980 vs. Alabama (Football) VS. 2004 vs. Florida (Football) squared up against each other.

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