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Emails unsealed in O'Bannon lawsuit vs. NCAA, CLC, & EA Sports

This entire article will make your day if you believe the NCAA is a cartel. The NCAA is fighting a lawsuit that it will lose, my only hope is that O'Bannon, et al. don't capitulate and settle with ANY PARTY in this case.

Vote For Michigan over Colorado

I hate stuff like this. I really do. "Who's better at windsurfing? An Elephant or Stevie Wonder?" Stupid, hit driven polls like this annoy the hell out of me. Still, we are talking college football, so I guess there's some merit here. Some. The poll question is simple, which tradition is better Ralphie's entrance or Michigan's GO BLUE M CLUB SUPPORTS YOU Banner. You know the answer. BTW, Denard's dreads on #10 look pretty sweet. Also, Darryl Stonum makes an appearance, or at least #22 does.

EA Sports' Avs Dilemma

A letter to Gary Bettman from EA Sports regarding the Colorado Avalanche

Vancouver Whitecaps partner with video game giant EA Sports

The Vancouver Whitecaps have joined European soccer clubs Chelsea, Arsenal and Real Madrid as partners with video game giant EA Sports. The three-year deal announced Monday makes EA Sports a Whitecaps "Founding Partner" sponsor and creates EA's first partnership with a North American soccer team. "It was a very easy decision to make," EA Sports vice-president Matt Bilbey said in an interview at the company's Burnaby studio. "We believe in the Whitecaps' vision to become one of the top soccer clubs in the world and we want to help them achieve it." The deal allows the video game developer to showcase its FIFA Soccer game through the Whitecaps - including signage, broadcast and game applications. It will have exclusive access to Whitecaps players for motion-capture technology that makes video games more realistic. (Source: Vancouver Sun)

EA's NHLPA '93 Revisited

Was it really 17 years ago that I waited an hour for Electronics Boutique at the Gardens Mall to open so I could purchase that beast on its opening day? Guess so...

NCAA 11 to have authentic team entrances

More news on the next installment of the EA Sports NCAA Football franchise has been released which details the inclusion of team specific entrances. FSU is included, but they do not go into detail on their entrance. Continue on to the link for more information and a short teaser with some entrances highlighted. Being a huge fan of this franchise for a long time and pretty hardcore NCAA Football gamer, I can't help but get even more excited for the July release. I'm really hoping for Chief Osceola and Renegade to make an appearance with the spear throw.

Put the Madden Curse on Reggie Wayne

EA Sports is taking fan votes for cover athlete of Madden 11. Reggie Wayne, Drew Brees and Jared Allen are the choices (thank GOD that CJ2K isn't a nominee)

EA Sports predicts B's as Stanley Cup Champs

According to an EA Sports NHL 09 simulation, the Bruins will win the Stanley Cup in 6 games over the Chicago Blackhwaks. Phil Kessel will win the Conn Smythe and score 14 goals in the playoffs, including to 2 OT game-winners in the Finals. EA Sports predicts the Bruins to win the first round series over the Habs in 6 games. Hopefully, this doesn't jinx the B's. EA Sports has a bad track record with jinxing athletes. Just ask anyone who has ever been on the cover of Madden. H/T to Boston.com Bruins Blog for the story.....but not linking to the original story

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