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Hump Day Linkage

Let's take a look around the web and see what is being said about our Bulldogs this week.

Robert Elliot was "duckin' and dodgin', rippin' and roarin'" through the JSU defense this past week, and Ron Higgins writes about Elliot's return to the field for the Memphis Commercial Appeal.

Anthony Dixon will be back on the field against Auburn this weekend, and teammate Arnil Stallworth says he is coming back with a vengance.

There is a lot of speculation about freshman QB Tyler Russell getting redshirted this year. The insertion of walk-on QB Riley Saunders in the #3 slot on the depth chart helps to fuel that speculation. Here is what Mullen had to say about it this today:

Mullen was asked about that today. "What we're going to do with Tyler is, again, not put him in a situation until he's ready to go," Mullen said. "To throw him in for the last two snaps to turn and hand off the ball, we're not going to waste a year of him doing that." Also: "He's actually taken a big step forward. Thought he's had a good week of practice this week. We're not 100 percent where he's going to redshirt right now. ... If he's not ready to go and play meaningful snaps in a game, we're probably not going to play him."

Speaking of quarterbacks, here is Tyson Lee talking to Kyle Veazey of the Clarion Ledger about his shoulder.