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Mark Hudspeth Takes Over As Head Coach At Louisiana-Lafayette

It has now been confirmed that Mississippi State wide-receivers coach and passing game coordinator Mark Hudspeth has accepted the role as head coach of the Ragin' Cajuns. 

Hudspeth began his tenure at Mississippi State soon after Dan Mullen arrived and he has certainly been a contributing factor in getting things going with the Bulldog offense these past two seasons.  Hudspeth is no stranger to a head coaching role before as he once held the position in Division II football with North Alabama where he had a lot of success.   

Hudspeth's hiring comes on the heels of a frustrating 3-9 season for the Ragin' Cajuns.  Hate to see him go, but he's a great hire for that football team.

Graduate assistant Angelo Mirando will take over Hudspeth's duties through the Gator Bowl.  Coach Dan Mullen sees this as a great learning experience for Mirando. 

"And it's a great experience for him right now, running a meeting and he's coaching on the field," Mullen said. "He's gonna be a great football coach. He's getting the opportunity to start being a position coach right now. He's gonna get a lot of opportunities in the future."