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Where I Come From: Tailgating Traditions

Because of travel and work, I have not really attended too many games outside of my time in Starkville. That will change this year since we purchased season tickets for the first time in almost 10 years. We will be creating our own tailgating traditions this year with great friends that we don't get to see nearly enough.

Over the past 10 years, we have attended single games here and there, and we always have things we have to do when we are in Starkville. The town has changed dramatically since I was in college with new restaurants and stores opening up where there used to be nothing. But we have a few standards that we always turn to when we are in the Golden Triangle.

1. Oby's Probably our favorite place to eat from when we were in college. The atmosphere, the food, the decor...its a must for us to eat here whenever we are in Starkville.

2. The Lodge Mississippi State gear is hard to come by in Alabama, especially in Birmingham. So we always hit up the Lodge to stock up on the latest wear and more.

3. Cheese It just isn't a trip to Starkville if we aren't loaded down with MAFES cheese on the way back home. If the MAFES store isn't open, we can always hit up State Fountain.

4. The Band Marching In We used to always watch the band march down from Lee Hall into Scott Field. I guess they still do that, but it is probably different now with The Junction.

5. Old Friends We always bump into old friends when we are in Starkville, and it is always great to catch up.

What are your tailgating traditions? Primo tent spots at the Junction? Favorite foods to eat or cook? Pre- and Post-game activities? Let us know in the comments below.