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Luke Stansbury added to the MSU Men's Basketball Team

BREAKING: Madeupstoriesville, Starkville, Ms:

In what is being described as an unprecedented move in the sport, Rick Stansbury sent shockwaves through the college basketball ranks Wednesday evening by announcing the signing of his son, Luke, to scholarship on the Mississippi State University Men's Basketball team.  Luke was unavailable for comment Wednesday due to a conflicting scheduled playground date.  His father Rick, however, had this to say about the sigining:

"I'm excited to be bringing Luke on board to play for this team.  I know he's a year or ten young for this, but he's been around this program for years, his whole life really, and I feel he knows the in's and out's of the program, maybe even better than me."

Young Stansbury will be taking the place of John Riek, who left the program earlier this week.  Coach Stansbury expressed that he had been considering the move to add Luke to the team for some time, and he finally felt the pieces where in place for it to happen.  "After talking with big John about his leaving, I called Luke up at his summer day camp," said Coach Stansbury.  "After a brief feud with his teacher about taking him away from arts and crafts, I talked with Luke about coming aboard, and frankly he was tickled pink about it." 

No news yet about what position Luke will play, or if Adidas will be able to craft a jersey his size.

Coach Stansbury held a brief press conference, and took questions from several bewildered State reporters:

M. Barcello:Coach Stansbury, have you considered how class will be for your son, going from the 4th grade to being a College Student-Athlete?

R. Stansbury: Well Mrandon, I wouldn't put Luke in a situation he couldn't handle, if I didn't think he could handle it.  I'm a father first, and a coach second.  But to answer your question I did think about it and then I thought hey, we got Dontae Jones through this place, didn't we? Ole Luke's gonna be just fine.

C. Barskadon:Coach, what concerns, if any, do you have that your other players will react negatively to the blatant nepitism of adding your son to the team, on scholarship?

R. Stansbury: Guy, I don't know what a planet in our solar system has to do with me adding my son to our basketball team.  Next Question...

/End press conference

For Whom The Cowbell Tolls will keep you updated with any new developments in this story.  This is OURstateBlog signing out.