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Mississippi State Is #4 In SEC Power Poll //WEEK 1

The first SEC Power Poll of 2011 is out and Mississippi State is ranked 4th. Here are the full rankings:


  1. Alabama, 183.5 points (8.5 first-place votes)
  2. LSU, 182.5 (7.5 first-place votes)
  3. Arkansas, 158
  4. Mississippi State, 138
  5. South Carolina, 136
  6. Florida, 114
  7. Tennessee, 81
  8. Georgia, 79
  9. Auburn, 69
  10. Vanderbilt, 41
  11. Mississippi, 39
  12. Kentucky, 27
When we look back at our ballot, we were pretty spot on with the top 5. After that, things sort of shift around. Here is what some voters had to say about Mississippi State when they submitted their ballots.

Dan Mullen has his squad ready to surprise the SEC.--Leftover Hot Dog

They played a punching bag too, but at least it was an FBS punching bag. And Sylvester Croom's teams would've needed a month to come up with 59 points.--SBN Atlanta

Dan Mullen is my hero for faking a punt in his own territory while up four touchdowns.--The ACC and SEC Blog


The full poll results and commentary are available over at Team Speed Kills.