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Mississippi State 12th in initial 2012 BCS Standings

State opens just 2 spots from the Top 10 in the initial BCS rankings, released this evening.

Butch Dill - Getty Images

After receiving a top 15 ranking earlier today from the AP Poll after their 41-31 win over Tennessee yesterday, Mississippi State received an even higher vote of confidence tonight.

State opened at #12 in the initial BCS standings, released moments ago. The Bulldogs are the 6th team in the top 12 from the SEC, behind Alabama, Florida, LSU, South Carolina, and Georgia.

I think we were all hopeful we would be ranked high in the initial rankings, but I doubt anyone expected it to be quite that high. State will get its chance to stay that high and climb even further as well, as they have 3 remaining games against teams in the Top 25 in Alabama (1), LSU (6), and Texas A&M (18).

Now, this is where your BLANK BLANK BLANK is too high! BLANK BLANK BLANK is too low! arguments go. Discuss: do you think State is ranked too high? Too low?