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The Numbers Game - Interceptions

Oops, quarterback threw it to the other team

Mississippi State's turnover margin has been great this year (+16). They have capitalized on the opposing offense's mistakes and not made many of their own. Specifically, State has been able to get a lot of interceptions, and Ole Miss has thrown quite a few.

Bo Wallace has 14 TD passes this year and 13 INT. Randall Mackey has also thrown one INT.

The MSU defense has 15 interceptions this year: Slay (5), Banks (4), Whitley (1), Broomfield (1), Wells (1), Love (1), Market (1).

Ole Miss averages 1.27 picks per game thrown. MSU averages 1.27 picks per game caught. In SEC games, Ole Miss has thrown 10 INT, MSU has 6.

Tyler Russell has thrown just 4 INT on the year, and Dak Prescott none.

The UM defense has 12 picks from 8 different players...middle of the pack in the SEC. They have 7 in SEC games, Russell has thrown 3 in SEC games - all losses.

Based off the stats, I'd say MSU will get an interception in this game. Will it be Johnthan Banks? He got his last pick vs. Middle Tennessee in the 7th game of the season. That INT tied Walt Harris' school record of 16 for a career. In 2011, Banks got his 5th in the 7th game of the season vs. South Carolina but he didn't get another one all year. Hopefully he won't repeat that, instead maybe he'll get one off Bo Wallace and return it for his 4th career pick-6.