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Bowl Practice 2012

Everything you should know about this year's bowl practices.


It's that time of year again, folks. For three straight years we've been to a bowl game. As much as everyone's hands have been ringing over the season, the fact that Mississippi State University is playing in another bowl is astonishing. Thinking back over all those years I sat, miserably, in the bleachers of Davis Wade following another embarrassing loss and we're all angry about eight wins. So enjoy this one guys. And enjoy the fact that our football team gets another month to develop our players.

So let's take a look at what we get to look forward to this week, shall we. I'll be on hand later today for the first open bowl practice scheduled for 3:45. I'll try to report back to you guys with my "analysis" on what the coaches have working for them this week.

It's always an exciting time at these bowl practices. Players that haven't played all year are given the opportunity to improve and give fans a glimpse of what to expect moving forward. I remember two years ago, watching a young redshirt freshman running back absolutely dominate the first team defense. He hit every hole hard and ran over guys like Deontae Skinner and even Nickoe Whitley in the secondary. This was Nick Griffin. Griffin was hitting his stride perfectly and chatter began to start among a few of the people standing and watching that maybe this kid would beat out Vick Ballard and LaDarius Perkins as a second-year frosh. Of course an injury took its tole on Grif and he wasn't the same this past year but just began to hit his stride late. Rumors are he's suffered another ACL tear and is out. We'll try to get a hold on this tomorrow at practice.

Dak Prescott looked smooth last year during bowl practices as well as Joe Morrow to give us a glimpse of the future. I believe we'll be able to have a handle on what to look for in the next few years come tomorrow.

A few things to watch: Christian Holmes is testing out the waters at tight end. This is something I'm pretty excited about seeing. Holmes performed very well in special teams this season but actually saw a cut in his snaps at linebacker. I think this was mostly because of the emergence of freshman All-American, Benardrick McKinney and some of Matt Wells also. Holmes has a big-time motor and a good size to be a solid blocking tight end. He's an athletic kid with a great attitude which should make this a smooth transition.

Also, be sure to watch the young freshman getting looks this week. The guys that redshirted will be seen for the first time by fans which is always interesting. Be sure to check out guys like Will Redmond, Benequez and Richie Brown, Brandon Holloway, and Fred Brown. Redmond is the one that I'm most looking forward to seeing. A 4-star recruit out of Tennessee, he's been the subject of a lot of talk over the past few months during an impending investigation. But he's a great player and should hit the field and play immediately next year. I believe that had he not been investigated, he might have been on the field this year. Injuries set in on him as well, however, so the redshirt was good for many reasons.

I'll be back later on tonight or Thursday to give you guys a little bit of what I saw today. Come on out if you're in the Starkville area and see the future of our football program.

Bowl Practice Schedule This Week

Wednesday: 3:45 p.m.

Thursday: 3:45 p.m.

Friday: 12:45 p.m.

Saturday: 9 a.m.

Sunday: Scrimmage at DWS