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Saturday Thoughts with The Croom Diaries

Hello friends! Saturday's can be a little slow sometimes at FWTCT, but I'm usually around because I take many stay-cations. No different this weekend, and while I avoid mowing the grass I will blog....

- I'm an Atlanta Hawks fan, and they are in the playoffs. Erick Dampier is a member of the Hawks in case you didn't know. He has pretty much just been a bench warmer since signing mid-season, but he is getting some playing time in the playoffs. That's because the Hawks are without three big men: Al Horford, Zaza Pachulia and Josh Smith. Last night, Dampier played 22 minutes scoring 6 points and pulling down 6 rebounds. Josh Smith is probably 50/50 for Sunday night's game, so if you want to see the former MSU star tune in to Game 4 of the Hawks vs. Celtics.

- Chris Stratton has become a great pitcher. It's amazing how he has turned the corner this year after two average seasons in '10 and '11. Seven more scoreless innings in the game last night and he's 9-0 with a 2.01 E.R.A. Considering he pitched well enough to win against LSU, South Carolina and Tennessee he could easily be 12-0 right now. The way Stratton has taken such a giant leap forward, it gives great hope for guys like Evan Mitchell for next year.

- South Carolina is on a great run in SEC play - they have won 12 straight! Of course, they are the 2-time defending national champs. At the time, MSU getting swept by USC looked bad because the Gamecocks were 5-7 coming into the series, but it doesn't look so bad now as they look to become the #1 seed in the SEC Tournament.

- Considering South Carolina is playing Arkansas this weekend, MSU can basically control their own destiny to get as high as the #3 seed in the SEC Tourney. At 11-11, the Dawgs are tied with Arkansas at 5th (2nd in the West). A sweep of Alabama would be HUGE, and would make State 13-11 heading into series with Florida and Kentucky. UF has 15 wins, UK has 14. This would be asking a lot, but if the Diamond Dawgs could take 2 of 3 from both of them they could end up in a 3-way tie with tiebreakers. Hard to believe we were 5-10 and left for dead a few weeks ago. 3rd in the SEC? That sounds like a Regional host to me.