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NCAA Football '13 Team Rankings Leak: Mississippi State 'Decent'

Kudos to the mothership SBNation for finding this info this morning, as Tradition Sports Online leaked 'unofficial' team ratings for the upcoming NCAA Football 2013 release. They also leaked several screenshots of player ratings of the highest rated players on the game, but none feature an MSU player.

As is typical for an MSU team on the EA series, State is rated OKAY, with the following rankings:

Team Overall Rating Offense Defense Prestige


87 84 86 3

In the words of Fat Bastard of the Austin Powers movies: "let's have an analysis, shall we?"

Overall, I think State's rating is pretty fair. We are replacing several key members on our offensive line and also Fletcher Cox, Charles Mitchell and Vick Ballard specifically. The prestige still seems a bit low to me, especially when you consider that Auburn is a 6, Clemson is a 5 and Texas A&M is a 4.

Good news though? Ole Miss prestige: 2. Southern Miss prestige: 2. LET'S MAKE A BILLBOARD, BOYS.

My biggest question as an MSU fan remains this: what will EA screw up on our stadium this season? It took them forever to actually add the upper deck on the East side of the stadium, and let's not even talk about how they depicted the DawgZillaTron (on the roof of the M Club, not in front of it). You've got 2 years to practice for our new endzone expansion, EA Sports, and I'm going to possibly send you construction drawings monthly so that you incorporate it into the game CORRECTLY. K thanks.

We'll let you know when/if we get a peak at any individual player rankings for MSU players prior to the game release.

Please oh please oh please hurry up and be released, NCAA Football 2013.