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Is this thing on?

"Who's this loser? Who does he think he is comin on here postin pictures of gold cleats and such?" Well glad you ask these provocative questions. Hey ya'll beautiful folks.. Robbie Faulk here. Im just a kid that enjoys this writin' bizness.. I come to you pleading for your patience. I am a man of folly. I try to be serious when I can but seriousness just isn't in this ole Faulk blood (be careful with that last name by the way it'll bite ya). The picture you appear to have already gazed at, (rugged good looks and golden cleats are hard to come by in the same instance) was taken just minutes after an actual woman agreed to get hitched with me. Becky Faulk, as she is now referred to, has put up with me for a good two months now so YAAAAAYYYY..

Now who is this guy you ask? I am a senior (6th year medical hardship and all) at our flagship university majoring in, dum dum dum, Public Relations. I know, I know, why am I writing with folks that ain't so stiff like them Public Relaters? Well I enjoy being behind the scenes of a program. No glitz and glam for me in the future which is fine. I'll never turn down a little hard work (yes I will). The guys at forwhomthecowbelltolls, have been gracious enough to see fit that I join the team. There will be much wrestling and 80's hair metal discussed between Justin Sutton and I just to piss Croom's Diaries off.

Seriously, I am proud to be apart of this wonderful website and look to enjoy as many Gifs and memes as God intends the world to produce. You can also check me out on Bulldogs Sports Radio, as I co-host a show called "Cheap Labor". Now you scoundrels get back to work or school or whatever it is the kids do these days. Keep dat Skoal babay. Hail State