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Winstoncounty'sfinest Top 25 Poll: Week 3

Great weekend of college football all over the nation with obviously the most rewarding win of the weekend at Scott Field. But a big time upset in Little Rock and some from other conferences were the more shocking ball games of the day. This week, I feel like State should be in the top 25. It's hard for me to imagine 25 better teams than the Bulldogs and from what we saw yesterday it shouldn't be too long before this happens in the major polls. I'm extremely surprised after several ranked teams went down MSU didn't move in but once again they'll have to earn respect and it'll be hard to earn it over the next three weeks with weak opponents. The second ranking I want to address is Arkansas. A lot of people will say there's no way they should be ranked after last night. I'm not gonna drop them all the way out because they lost their starting qb and two other starters. I still think this is a top 25 team and they'll get destroyed next week and THEN I'll drop them. Feel free to trash me in the comments section but be prepared for a debate that will drive you crazy and eventually make you say agree to disagree. (I'm talking to you, Crooms)