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Week 12: Monday Evening Quarterback: MSU-Texas A&M Edition

A final look at Mississippi State vs. Texas A&M and an attempt to rank the SEC

Thomas Campbell-USA TODAY Sports

Overall, the Mississippi State loss on the road to Texas A&M left Bulldog fans with mixed feelings on how the team played against the Aggies.  Here is a crack at sorting it all out.

The Good: Even though the Aggies are woeful on defense, the Bulldogs managed to rack up points and look good for the most part offensively.  The Bulldogs also held their own defensively against Texas A&M, which sounds insane when considering the Aggies picked up 51 points.

The Bad: There was just absolutely no way the Bulldogs could afford to give up the cheap, late first half touchdown to Texas A&M.  That score dealt a serious blow to Mississippi State hopes of having a good chance to pull out the win in the second half.

The Ugly: Mississippi State had an atrocious game in the special teams department.  A blocked punt led to two points and an Aggie touchdown.  The blocked field goal set up another A&M touchdown. That does not even take into account the kick return touchdown that was called back because of a celebration penalty.  It is unreal how much this part of the team has hampered the Bulldogs this year. more chasing points early in the game.


1. Alabama:  In what many thought would be the toughest regular season challenge for Alabama, the Crimson Tide turned in a superb second half to knock off LSU.

2. Auburn: The Tigers managed to run and run and run against Tennessee.  It is unreal how solid the Auburn running attack is this year.  Should they knock off Georgia, it will make for an interesting Iron Bowl.

3. Missouri: The Tigers still control their own destiny in the SEC East, and they are just cruising along.

4. Texas A&M: The Aggies score points in bunches.  Unfortunately, they also give up points in bunches.

5. South Carolina:  I can not put my finger on a reason why, but I feel the Gamecocks are just slightly below the Aggies.

6. Ole Miss:  The Rebels still have a shot at an amazing season, and they can spoil the SEC East for Missouri.

7. LSU: The Tigers are still good this year, but they are not as good as they have been in previous years.

8. Vanderbilt: The Commodores managed to knock off both Georgia and Florida this year.  Who thought they would ever see that day happen.

9. Georgia:  It has been a disappointing year for the Bulldogs.  Injuries have destroyed this team in a season full of promise.

10. Florida:  The Gators continue to struggle, and they may miss a bowl game this year.  One has to wonder if they will have a new coach in 2014.

11.Tennessee:  The Volunteers have a big SEC win over South Carolina.  That is more than those below them can say.

12. Mississippi State: The Bulldogs just can't seem to find the magic formula to get over the hump.  It will not be any easier with Alabama coming to town.

13. Arkansas: The Razorbacks managed to not be totally embarrassed this week.

14. Kentucky:  Oh those poor Wildcats

Five Quick Weekend Thoughts

1. I am a huge tennis fan, and I have to admit, it made me a bit sad seeing Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer square off in the ATP World Tour Final.  There will not be too many more high stakes match ups between two people that have so dominated the sport.

2. Keeping with tennis.  The folks at the O2 arena really know how to create an awesome atmosphere for that event.  Maybe Davis Wade Stadium can take some notes.

3.  I would not bet the farm on it, but I have a feeling this college football season will end with four undefeated conference champions and a one loss team that might be better than one of them.  If this was next year, would there be outcry if Baylor or Ohio State lost out on a playoff spot to Stanford?

4. How did Jacksonville actually win a football game this weekend?

5. Props to the MSU basketball squad for picking up a season opening victory Friday night!