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Our thoughts and prayers are with Dak Prescott and his family

All of our thoughts and prayers go out to Mississippi State Quarterback Dak Prescott today, as he lost his mother to cancer over the weekend.

Spruce Derden-US PRESSWIRE

It's amazing how quickly things can be put into perspective in our lives.

Two days ago, I sat frustrated in a warm Williams-Brice Stadium watching my alma mater take another tough loss on the road.  I had traveled quite a long way to witness the poor performance in person, so I was admittedly a bit frustrated by the team's effort and the game's outcome.  It wasn't until late last night that I realized how little my frustration or my heightened level of care for this sport we call football mattered.

As most of you know by know, MSU QB Dak Prescott lost his mother to cancer yesterday.  Admittedly I knew she was not doing well, but I did not realize that her situation had deteriorated that badly.  I then realized that when Dak took the field Saturday, he probably knew full well how serious her situation was, and that he may have seen her for the last time.  As fans, we thought Saturday that Prescott had played played poorly, but what we now know was that he played courageously.  I don't know how much courage and strength it takes to take the field in the face of that kind of situation, but I know that Dak obviously possesses enough of both for all of us reading this today.  That's a situation that no person should have to face in their life, let alone a 20-something year old who, despite the pressure we as fans sometimes put on men of that age, is still very young.

So often in life we get wrapped up in trivial things like sports and it's easy to forget about what's really important.  The gift of life is one that is so precious, and situations like the one Dak is facing reminds us how important family is, and how we should cherish our time with them on this earth.

My heart and my prayers go out to Dak today, and to the rest of his family in their tragic loss.  Nothing I say here will change how they feel or how much they are hurting, but to the Prescott family, just know that all of Bulldog Nation is behind you.  We will keep you in our thoughts and prayers, and continue to do so as you navigate this difficult time.