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Stock Watch -- South Carolina

Rising and falling stocks after MSU's 34-16 loss at South Carolina.

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Stock Watch

Stock to Buy

Opening Drive Success -- One of the things that really impressed me Saturday was how MSU came out after forcing South Carolina into a three and out and put together a dominating drive that culminated in a touchdown and an early lead.  Of course, State would come out the drive after that and completely change priorities and philosophies on offense, but for that one drive, we looked dominating.  If State can just find a way to come out with that authority and KEEP it throughout the game, we could be a dangerous team.

Dak Prescott -- How can you be anything but awe inspired by Prescott?  This has nothing to do with his stats from Saturday, but just in the fact that Dak showed up and had the strength to step on the field at all Saturday versus South Carolina.  As we told you this morning, Dak's mother tragically lost her battle with cancer on Sunday.  Despite knowing her declining state, Prescott had the strength and courage to get on the plane, dress out, and lead MSU in battle in front of 80,000+ opposing fans this weekend.  What an awesome example of faith and strength.  We're praying for you and thinking about you, Dak.

Evan Sobiesk -- Hey! We made a field goal!

Williams-Brice Stadium playing sandstorm -- The game was fairly low-key because it was early, but playing sandstorm before every kickoff got even me pumped.  I can imagine in a big night game, that has to be an electric moment in their stadium.

Stock to Sell

Turnovers -- One of the things that we touched on last week in The Big Preview was how MSU was much better in the turnover department than South Carolina.  Then State proceeded to go out and turn the ball over five times -- three by interceptions and two fumbles.  The Bulldogs actually out-gained South Carolina by nearly 80 yards, but the turnovers stopped any chance of State hanging in the game past the impressive opening drive.  Hopefully MSU can find a way to keep the increased yard production but cut down on the turnovers.

South Carolina adults wearing jerseys -- Was caught off guard by all of the adults wearing jerseys.  Not a fan.

The end of the first half -- We won't talk about it, because you all know what happened, and because we now know what Dak Prescott was dealing with when he was leading MSU on Saturday, but State has to avoid handling late half situations like that again.