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Source: MSU set to interview, hire Dan Mullin if Dan Mullen leaves for UCONN

Sources in Starkville tonight tell us that should Dan Mullen leave for the University of Connecticut head football coaching vacancy, MSU will not waste time pursuing Dan Mullin: head coach at Minnesota State University.

A source close to the rapidly developing situation in the Mississippi State football coaching office tells For Whom the Cowbell Tolls this afternoon that should current MSU head coach Dan Mullen bolt for Storrs, Connecitcut and the UCONN job, Scott Stricklin will immediately interview and pursue Dan Mullin for the head coaching vacancy.

Mullin, who has spent the past five seasons as the head coach with the Minnesota State University American Bulldogs, is highly considered one of the most advanced defensive minds in the country.  His defenses were consistently ranked at or near the top of the national rankings when he served as the defensive coordinator for Burbanyan Meyers at South Central Florida State University.  Meyers, who is now the head coach at Ohio River Valley State University, had this to say about his former DC:

"He would certainly make an excellent coach at the next level.  I look at the work he did with Terrance Telbow and turning him into a big name on the national scene and I know he can take that mentality of bettering young men and their talent and broaden it for the bigger stage of being a Division 1A head coach."

Sources also tell FWtCT that Mullin would most likely bring with him his current defensive coordinator Lester Connings, as well as offensive coordinator Geoffry-Phil Collins.

If the announcement comes that Mullen is headed to UCONN within the next week, I would expect the news of Mullin's hire to be announced within the following 48 hours.  Stay tuned in folks; this could all move very fast once the ball starts rolling.