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First it was "You're a baller". Now an MSU recruit gets CAN OF SWAG

That looks like a tall boy o' SWAG.

Marlon Humphrey Twitter (@marlon_humphrey)


You thought that MSU's recruiting staff was limited to just "You're a baller?" Heck no, son.

The Mississippi State staff is maximizing its efforts, stretching to all forms of modern day slang. The latest evidence was shared by 5-star CB prospect Marlon Humphrey of Birmigham, Alabama, who shared this with all of us earlier tonight:

Say what you will about its cheesiness or the lack of professionalism, but this kind of thing draws attention - both from recruits and from the general public. Just look at what the simple, quickly scratched out "you're a baller" letter drummed up Tuesday in media attention. Whether you think this method works or not, it seems to at least get the recruits' attention, maybe just enough to at least consider MSU. No, it's not going to guarantee their attendance to campus in Starkville, but if you're a smaller team in a power football conference, why not try something a little different with big time recruits?

Oh and again, my money is on defensive coordinator Geoff Collins being the one who wrote this.