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College World Series Food Lineup is Deliciously American

Meat stuffed meat and hot dogs pressed between Belgian waffles. Sounds like I better bring the Tums.


In an article released this morning, Casey Logan of the Omaha World-Herald gives a fantastic preview of the signature food items for the 2013 College World Series.

When I think of Omaha, I think of meat. So there's no surprise that all of this year's signature dishes find a way to creatively combine meat, more meat, and the occasional cheeses. As a fan who will be attending the CWS this year, I'm not sure where to start but I know that I'll be scarfing down a couple of these items.

Midwestern Monster: Fans of exotic cheeseburgers and dishes comprised of meats-within-other-meats, look no further. The Midwestern Monster starts with two 6 oz. Angus burgers with pulled pork in between, topped with an ancho boursin cheese spread, siracha mayonnaise and tobacco (fried) onions. Price: $12.

Cheesy Hot Dog Smasher: The least expensive of the new menu items is this mash-up of a grilled cheese panini (sharp cheddar, swiss) and jumbo hot dog, with a sweet Belgian waffle breading. Price: $5.

Ribs and Tots: Braised short ribs will make an appearance in several dishes available during this year's College World Series. Here they collide with a helping of sweet potato tots, smothered in dark gravy and crispy onions. Price: $6.

Triple Play: Designated this year's "wow" item, the triple play lives up to its name as a rare feat indeed. Conveying the enormousness of its contents requires semicolons: three layers of grilled parmesan dough; a bottom layer of bratwurst melt with Thousand Island dressing; a middle layer of ancho short ribs, cheese curds and orange pimento sour cream; a top layer of sweet potato tots and fried onions; and dark gravy drizzled over it all. Serves seven to eight people. Price $18.

I have already decided that the "Cheesy Hot Dog Smasher" will be my lunch on Saturday. Also, I don't think there is any way I can leave T.D. Ameritrade Park without trying the "Triple Play." If Wes Rea was stadium food, he would be the Triple Play. I'm glad that I'm traveling with five hungry State fans because I'm going to need help.