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POLL: Who Should Play Quarterback for MSU vs. Auburn?

Tyler Russell or Dak Prescott?

Butch Dill

Let's assume Tyler Russell is healthy and cleared to play against Auburn this weekend. Now, who do you want to play quarterback for the Bulldogs: Dak or Tyler?

Russell is the senior, the starter heading into the year. But he's a pro-style quarterback and many feel that is holding back MSU's offense despite the fact that he re-wrote the record books in 2012 with his passing attack.

Prescott is the underclassman whose skill set fits Mullen's spread option attack. He has yet to play a significant number of snaps in a game that is in doubt.

Assuming both are healthy, there is almost no doubt we'll see both QBs. But do you prefer one or the other to get the majority of the snaps? Would you like them to alternate series?

Which quarterback gives State the best chance to win on the plains?