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Stock Watch -- Alcorn State

After Mississippi State's 51-7 rout of Alcorn State, lets take a look at the stock we are buying and selling this week.

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Stock Watch

Stock to Buy

The freshman class. -- Right off the bat this season we saw that the MSU freshman class -- you know, the ones who signed way back in February of 2013 -- were going to be immediate contributors for this team. Against Oklahoma State, wide receivers De'Runnya Wilson and Fred Ross saw action, as did 5-star defensive end Chris Jones on the defensive side of the ball. Although none rocked the stat sheet, the fact that they had earned some playing time in such a big game was indicative of the talent level in this class. Then last Saturday, we saw another member of that group, RB Ashton Shumpert, join that group of freshman who would see early playing time, and Shumpert made big noise in his time on the field Saturday. The freshman ran over Alcorn defenders repeatedly, and barreled his way to 98 yards and two touchdowns. How much these four and other freshmen contribute this season remains to be seen. But one thing is for certain: the 2013 class is going to do some big things in maroon and white.

Stock to Sell

Dak should start based on Saturday's effort. -- You've seen this already, and you will see this again and again this week -- Dak Prescott did not earn a start against Auburn strictly based on his play this past Saturday. Now before anyone turns that into a slight against Dak, let me explain. Dak played very well Saturday, well enough to definitely earn a chance to at least be a part of the offense going forward. But it would be unwise to just anoint him the new starter based on a game performance where he was supposed to play well. Tyler Russell is still the senior, he's still the starter, and until one QB distinguishes himself from the other in a big game such as the one upcoming this Saturday against Auburn, than Russell should still be the starter. A lot can happen this weekend, so this could change very soon. We will have to wait and see.