What is Adidas up to?


Okay, so Adidas and the Mississippi State football account both tweeted this image out yesterday. It features a date -- the date of Saturday's big game between Mississippi State and Alabama -- as well as a supposed new pattern created by Adidas featuring a bunch of words associated with the MSU program.

So what are we to think of this? Is Adidas teasing a specialized uniform for Saturday's game? It certainly wouldn't be the first time. Adidas has been known -- at least with fellow maroon client, Texas A&M -- to break out special uniforms for big games. The tweet's teased new material may have also been revealed though, as pictures of a new cleat were leaked yesterday as well.

There's also the chance that Adidas is simply hyping up a big game for its #1 client on Saturday. They have been pushing the MSU brand everywhere lately -- including the homepage -- so this may be just another effort to push the MSU/Hail State "brand". Many have speculated that Adidas may be breaking out the long-desired "white 100-year road alternate unis" on Saturday, even though AD Stricklin has stately publicly that those are a no go for this year.

So in summary, this tweet could mean anything from new threads to "go team!". We'll just have to wait until Saturday to see which.

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