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MSU Now With 15/2 Odds to Win the National Championship

According to the odds makers at Bovada, Alabama now has the best chance to win it all and Marcus Mariota has basically already won the Heisman.

Stacy Revere

Oh, ye of little faith.

Nobody, including Las Vegas, thinks MSU has a chance to beat Alabama this weekend. It's like they just forgot that Mississippi State beat multiple top-10 teams by double digits and Alabama had a grand total of 315 yards of offense and only scored 20 points in Death Valley. The same place where Mississippi State collected 570 yards of offense and 34 points. I could provide more examples but let's just wait to see how it shakes out on Saturday...

On that note, here's the new odds for who Bovada thinks will win the college football playoff and the Heisman Trophy. These folks think very highly of Alabama for some reason and they think Marcus Mariota will win the Heisman, rightfully so, unfortunately. Though, depending on the outcome of Saturday's game, both of these predictions could change very drastically. Here are the full lists:

Odds to win the College Football FBS Championship

Alabama - 4/1

Oregon - 4/1

Florida State - 6/1

TCU - 6/1

Mississippi State - 15/2

Ohio State - 8/1

Baylor - 16/1

Arizona State - 25/1

Nebraska - 25/1

Ole Miss - 25/1

Odds to win the Heisman Trophy

Marcus Mariota (QB Oregon) - 1/5

Dak Prescott (QB Mississippi State) - 13/2

Melvin Gordon (RB Wisconsin) - 14/1

Trevone Boykin (QB TCU) - 14/1

J.T. Barrett (QB Ohio State) - 20/1