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Mississippi State 20, Alabama 25: Bulldog player of the game vote

It's a bit tougher to select a player of the game after a difficult loss, but we will let you guys and girls take a shot at it anyways.

Marvin Gentry-USA TODAY Sports

Josh Robinson

Robinson was mostly quiet on the day due to an odd lack of carries -- 12 for 37 net yards -- but he was able to add to his total with six catches for 69 yards to put him over 100 total yards on the day.  He did have the early miscue with the safety, but that was a comedy of errors, not just Josh's fault.

De'Runnya Wilson

De'Runnya had a quiet but effective day, catching eight passes for 91 yards.  He was held without a touchdown catch, but MSU was limited in total to two touchdowns -- one of which came late with the game in hand.  De'Runnya made several catches with a corner either in good coverage or draped across him.

Fred Ross

Ross didn't have much in the way of stats -- he had two catches for four yards -- but he handled punt return duties fairly well and he caught the touchdown pass that, at the time, put MSU back within six points.  Fred has become a vital part of the passing game.  I really look forward to watching him in this offense for at least one more year.

Evan Sobiesk

We as a fanbase have been hard on kickers this year, so it's only fair that we praise them when they do well.  On a day when almost everyone else had an error, Evan Sobiesk did not, as he nailed both field goal attempts and two extra points to go perfect on the day.  They weren't difficult field goals, but on the road in a hostile environment, even the short ones have to seem tough.  A good game for Evan.

MSU defense

We haven't done an entire side of the ball yet this season, however I think the D earned this nomination Saturday.  While State did get down 19-0 before halftime Saturday, it could have been much worse had it not been for the defense.  The offense did them no favors, setting them up with short fields and adding the safety to put them on their heels.  When you go back and look at the stats, they held their own outside of a few plays.  The drive by Alabama and Blake Sims for the final TD was a killer, but other than that, kudos to the D for a solid showing on a big stage.

Beniquez Brown

Beniquez continues to be the brains of this defense, calling out plays before they happen on the other side of the ball.  He was second on the team in tackles Saturday with six, but when you watch him, he does far more than what shows up in the stat sheet.  He's maybe the best defensive player State has that no one talks about (or at least not enough).

Well, there you have it, folks.  Which one of those Bulldogs was the player of the game?