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Maroon Weather Forecast: The Egg Bowl

Great day for tailgaitng, but clouds will shield the shiny golden egg's reflection closer to gametime!

Clouds may block the reflection of the Golden Egg on Saturday
Clouds may block the reflection of the Golden Egg on Saturday
Stacy Revere/Getty Images

As the Bulldogs take on TSUN, fan wearing both maroon and red and blue will have something to cheer about: great tailgating weather!

The Grove will be the place to be when the Bulldogs and Rebels battle it out on the gridiron. Temperatures will be in the lower 50s and rising into the 60s through game time. The sun will be shining bright throughout key tailgating time so shades and sunblock (or body paint) would be a good idea.

Clouds start to roll into Oxford around noon and will be present throughout the game. With those clouds, comes a small chance of rain so you might want to pack a maroon poncho in your pocket, just in case. Kickoff around gametime will be the day's high at 64°. As the sun sets, temps will go only down slightly into the upper 50s. The clouds and rain chance also goes away as the night progresses.

The Bulldogs have proven that they can play well in any weather that is thrown at them, so it is time to wrap it in Maroon and White.