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Poll Projections: Where are the Mississippi State Bulldogs Likely to Land in the Polls

With a loss in the Battle for the Golden Egg, Mississippi State's playoff hopes came to an end. However, staying high in the rankings could be important for the Bulldogs when the College Football Playoff committee meets over the next two weeks.

Spruce Derden-USA TODAY Sports

Mississippi State came into the Battle for the Golden Egg hoping to do enough to impress the playoff committee to put the Bulldogs into the College Football Playoff.  After the game ended, the Bulldogs had to hope they did not do too much harm to plummet down the rankings.  The College Football Playoff rankings will be the subject of another post, but here is a guess at the polls that will be released on Sunday.

In both the AP and Coaches Polls, the Bulldogs entered Saturday ranked No. 4, and while they will not still hold that lofty standard, the Bulldogs should still remain in the top ten.  Florida State, Alabama, and Oregon all won above Mississippi State, and Nos.5-7 Baylor, TCU and Ohio State won.

I expect the top six to be Florida State (just barely), Alabama, Oregon, Baylor, TCU, Ohio State. No. 8 Georgia and No. 9 UCLA lost, so they should drop, and No. 10 Michigan State will most likely move up to No. 7. No. 12 Arizona knocked off UCLA, so my guess is they will jump into the No. 9 spot.  Mississippi State will drop to No. 8, and Kansas State will move to No. 10.

Over in the coaches' poll, the Bulldogs also held the No. 4 ranking, and they will hold that spot no longer. Again, the top three teams in that poll, Alabama, Florida State, and Oregon all won, so expect no changes there. Nos. 5-8, TCU, Baylor, Ohio State, and Michigan State all picked up wins, so expect them to all slide up a spot.  No.9 Georgia and No. 10 UCLA lost, so expect them to fall back.  I'd expect Kansas State to move up to No. 8, Mississippi State to go to No. 9, and Arizona to take the last spot in the top-10.