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Bully's Growler: MSU 34 Georgia Tech 49

Happy New Year! Check out some of the best tweets from last night's game.

Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images

It was a tough end to an otherwise great season but nonetheless, there were a lot of tweets during the game that you may have missed. Let's start with some pre-game action:

Yeah, attendance wasn't great but it's a long drive to Miami from Starkville and there were still plenty of cowbells in Sun Life Stadium...

Unfortunately, Dak said after the game that he still hasn't indicated either way whether he'll be returning next year or not. So we wait. Alright, back to the tweets:

The first 29 minutes and 50 seconds of the first half were pretty rough and then this happened:

It was certainly a spark but a game changer it was not. We should have known things weren't going our way when we saw the halftime show. FWTCT editor, Justin Sutton, was in attendance and was none too pleased with the musical offering:

Now on to the 2nd half:

And the award for tweet of the night goes to our friend Peter Burns from the SEC Network:

Hail State.