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What was Elijah Staley dancing to at the Missouri game? An investigation

Staley did a little dance for the camera in last Thursday night's win at Missouri, so we decided to guess at what he was dancing to.

Elijah Staley is a talented quarterback with a good chance to take over for Dak Prescott next season.  And while he's been biding time as a backup to All-American Dak Prescott, he's found ways to entertain MSU fans even off the field.  From his dancing last year to his saying Hello at this year's spring game, Elijah has quickly become a fan favorite with his big personality to go with his big left arm.  So it was no surprise when, in last week's 31-13 win at Missouri, Staley felt the groove hit him yet again coming out of a timeout on ESPN:

Awesome.  Now, chances are good that with Staley's carefree demeanor, he didn't even need music going to decide to break into a dance.  But I felt it was my duty to at least guess at what song might have been going through his head.  LET US BEGIN:

Michael Jackson - Billy Jean

This song may be the longshot candidate as it's an older song, but the beat seems to match up decently (forgive my poor video editing).  Maybe Elijah enjoys the classics?

Drake - Hotline Bling

More than just the latest, greatest meme to sweep the internet, Drake's Hotline Bling has been on rotation on a lot of iPhones and compact disc players as of late.  So it's a fair assumption that Elijah was dancing while contemplating why she's wearing less and going out more.  (PS - I totally considered framing this dance sequence in one of Drake's color boxes from the music video, but the task was too great for my talents in photoshop).

Journey - Don't Stop Believin'

Ah, yes, and now we come to a crowd favorite.  Since last year, Journey's smash hit from the 1980s has been a big part of the Mississippi State football gameday experience.  As I seem to recall this moment happening late in the game last Thursday, maybe young Staley was just living the experience as if it was a home game?  Don't you stop believing, Elijah!