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SCHEDULE: Mississippi State Bulldogs and the NFL Combine

The NFL Combine is officially underway. Here is a primer on what is going on with Mississippi State Bulldogs at the event.

Glenn Andrews-USA TODAY Sports

There may be nothing in sports like the meat market that is the NFL Combine.  Four former Mississippi State Bulldogs will work their way through this event in Indianapolis over the next several days looking to impress NFL scouts, coaches, and front office folks in hopes of being drafted or moving up in the draft.

Here is how things will look for each of the Bulldogs in Indianapolis:

Josh Robinson: Group 6, RB30

Robinson was the first Bulldog to arrive on the scene, showing up on Wednesday.  Thursday, we will get his official measurements, and he will go through interviews and medical exams.  On Friday, he will go through events such as PK/ST workouts, the bench press, and psychological exams.  Saturday will be a big day for Robinson as he goes through on the field workouts.

Preston Smith: Group 8, DL46 and Benardrick McKinney: Group 9, LB23

Both Smith and McKinney will operate on nearly the same schedule in Indianapolis as they will go through the same events on the same days.  Both players will arrive on Thursday and go through measurements, medical exams and interviews on Friday.  Saturday will be for both players as they do PK/ST drills and the bench press.  The duo will wrap up Sunday with on the field drills.

Justin Cox: Group 10 DB 09:

There may not be a former Mississippi State player with more to gain at the Combine than Justin Cox given that he missed the last quarter of the 2014 season.  He arrives to Indianapolis on Friday, and his measurements and medical exams will take place on Saturday.  That will also be a day that he goes through team interviews, which will be very important for him.  Sunday will bring about PK/ST workouts and the bench press with Monday being the day for on-field drills for his group.