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Monday Morning Quarterback: Mississippi State vs. Auburn

Reintroducing the Monday Morning Quarterback


The Good:

Well, once everybody left, the lines for the concession stands were pretty short. I’m not sure there were many other things that were good about this game. Well, I take that back a bit. Richie Brown and Kivon Coman both had pretty good days. That’s about it.

The Bad:

Everything. Auburn had a 35 point lead at halftime. The pizza is very greasy and is overpriced. Nothing good came from Saturday.

The What the Hell was That:

Kamryn Pettway ran the ball 39 times for 169 yards and scored three touchdowns. It made me say “what the hell was that” several times.

Three Things I Wondered About While Watching MSU This Weekend:

  1. Will Mississippi State ever play good football again? We haven’t seen them do it once this season.
  2. Is this what it’s like to watch a train come barreling down at you while tied to a railroad tie?
  3. If I become a hermit in the Himalayas, will Kamryn Pettway’s three touchdowns still haunt my dreams there?

Where does Mississippi State go from here?

Well, they’re going to Provo, Utah. It’s pretty far away, but it’s a cool place. The area is gorgeous and the people are friendly. I drove through North Utah on my way back to Texas from Wyoming about a year ago. Oh, wait, we’re not discussing geography. We’re talking football. Sorry guys, I don’t want to talk about football right now. My heart hurts.

Where does the team go from here? Hopefully somewhere that they can win. But they won’t win if Nick Fitzgerald continues to struggle and the defense lets halfway quarterbacks carve them up. The offense needs to run through someone else (either another quarterback or find a way to run the ball well) and the front seven must get consistent pressure on quarterbacks and at least slow running backs down.