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Dawgs lose to (not the) snowboarder Sean White, Auburn

Picture Gallery: Mississippi State vs Auburn Michael Campbell Photography

Bulldawg Bash weekend came and went as it does annually. This was a week of highs and lows. Highs being Sting Ray Steve following me back on Twitter.

Sting ray

The lows being, well:

This week was just a bit more unbearable than usual. It happens. I'm supposed to get on here and write about the MVP's from the game, but there weren't any. If I have to give any credit, it's to Kivon Coman with the pick in the 3rd play of the game. I really thought that it was going down when that happened, but hey it was early. I was naive.

I have never seen a more pitiful spectacle than what we witnessed yesterday which is why I'm typing this up on Sunday and not Saturday. I needed time to talk to myself off the ledge.

A lot of teams talk about being a "second half team." Mississippi State is not that. We're a third quarter team. Anyone with a brain knows that. We got that Mixon touchdown and somehow got it in our brains that we may come back, but that did not happen. It was just embarrassing all around.

The Auburn tigers put up a highlight reel from the game because they kicked our asses. Mississippi State did not.

When you've got the quarterback on your team with the lowest QBR in the SEC (probably world), it's tough to get back on your feet and be happy about sports.

It'll all be over soon though and there's always next year so here's to maybe getting 4 wins this season!

Mississippi State v Auburn Photo by Daniel Shirey/Getty Images